The Dragon's Tears

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This article is about the Main Quest from Tears of the Kingdom. For the objects which are the basis of the quest, see Dragon's Tear.
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The Dragon's Tears



Complete the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest


Quest begins immediately after the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest


Find all of the Dragon's Tears



The Dragon's Tears is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom.


  • The quest will begin immediately after Link acquires the first Dragon's Tear and completes the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest. Impa suggests that Link visit the Forgotten Temple, found at the end of Tanagar Canyon.
  • When Link approaches the back of the Forgotten Temple, he'll be joined by Impa and Cado. Here the two recognize the Geoglyphs that are on the walls. Impa mentions that according to the floor map, the second geoglyph can be found near Rito Village. She mentions that the floor map shows the locations of all of the geoglyphs.


Below are the Locations of all The Dragon's Tears

Adventure Log

Step Description
You found one of the mysterious Dragon's Tears within a geoglyph and received a vision about Princess Zelda by investigating it.

Impa thinks that the mystery of the geoglyphs might connect to something that's inside the Forgotten Temple. It's located somewhere along the bottom of a canyon in Hebra.
Inside the Forgotten Temple is a map of Hyrule and 11 murals related to the geoglyphs. It seems that these geoglyphs appeared in various places after the Upheaval when Princess Zelda went missing.

You have [n] geoglyphs left to investigate.
You visited all 11 geoglyphs and witnessed all the memories in the Dragon's Tears. Afterward, a Light Dragon appeared above you and shed a new tear.

The tear seems to have fallen to the Rist Peninsula in the Akkala color.
You visited all the geoglyphs and witnessed all the memories in the Dragon's Tears. These visions showed you Princess Zelda sacrificing herself, becoming the Light Dragon, and hoping to eventually entrust the Master Sword to you. You must honor the princess's wish, somehow.