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Home on Arrange
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Green-rupee.png 1500


Speak to Rhondson at the Hudson Construction HQ in Tarrey Town


Build a new "Dream Home" for Link





Home on Arrange is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After Mattison leaves for Gerudo Town, Rhondson returns to her day job of running Hudson Construction's Dream Home service. As a thanks to Link, she offers to set him up with a plot of land south-east of Tarrey Town and two rooms for 1500 rupees, a discount on the usual price of 3000 rupees for "the land alone".

When Link makes the purchase, she directs him to meet Grantéson at the plot of land, near Rasitakiwak Shrine. Grantéson walks Link through placing the rooms on the plot using Ultrahand, and makes an inspection to ensure it is safe and within the boundaries once Link is finished. If Link wishes to have additional rooms - including stairs, a garden and a place to stable a horse - he will also preview them for and sell them to Link, although no more than 15 rooms can be placed at any given time.

Once Link completes the initial build, Grantéson calls Rhondson over, and she gives Link Hudson Construction Fabric as a commemorative gift. Grantéson remains by Link's new house to sell him additional rooms, store ones he doesn't want to use, and to set it up to be moved around further.


Complete Mattison's Independence.


TODO: Full Walkthrough - cooordinates, etc

Adventure Log

Step Description
You purchased the land and rooms required to build a dream home with Hudson Construction.

Talk to the company representative waiting at the plot southeast of Tarrey Town to begin.
According to Grantéson of Hudson Construction, building is as easy as deciding where to place two rooms.

Try it out!
You placed a room and took the first step toward building your dream home.

Hudson Construction offers additional rooms with a variety of features—try different combinations until your home is just right!