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Tailor & Owner of Rhondson Armor Boutique

Member of



Kara Kara Bazaar (Formerly)
Tarrey Town (Currently)


Hudson (Husband)

Rhondson is character in Breath of the Wild. She can be found at the Kara Kara Bazaar.


Rhondson is a Gerudo tailor, capable of creating well-hemmed garments. She can be found at the Kara Kara Bazaar where she is searching for the love of her life.[1][2] While she is originally from Gerudo Town, she is being pressured by her mother to find a husband to settled down with, and the search has exhausted here.[3][4]

Rhondson explains that it is incredibly rare for a Gerudo male to be born, so in order to continue the survival of the Gerudo people, the Gerudo women travel outside of Gerudo Town in search of husbands. Rhondson was hoping that her talent in tailoring would help her find a husband, but she doesn't think that most men appreciate her work.[5][6]

She is primarily involved in the From the Ground Up side-quest.


  1. Sav'otta. Who are you? - Rhondson
  2. You...you're a voe, aren't you? - Rhondson
  3. Hmm... No. I bet Mama would have a problem with a delicate voe like you. Oh, hes, I'm Rhondson. I hail from Gerudo Town. This search for the love of my life... I'm so exhausted by it. - Rhondson
  4. Ugh... I don't know why I'm even saying this-it's no business of a Hylian like you, but... I'm constantly being bothered by my mother over not having found the love of my life... - Rhondson
  5. You don't know? Really? It's incredibly rare for a male to be born to the Gerudo. For our own survival as a people, we travel to find husbands... I've problem myself to be a gifted tailor, but none of the voe I've met seem to appreciate a well-hemmed garment. I was hoping my craft would help me find a mate, but it doesn't seem like there's much work for a tailor around here. I wonder if there really is someone out there for me... - Rhondson
  6. *sigh* I'm still considering how to continue my search. I've mastered tailoring... I have dozens of other skills... I just don't understand what voe are looking for... I wonder if there really is someone out there for me... - Rhondson