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"Tarrey Town is a recently established village located on Lake Akkala. It was built from the ground up by Hudson of the Bolson Construction carpenters, who was dispatched by Bolson from Hateno Village. Link aids the process by providing raw materials and finding helpful new residents with names ending in "son" to gradually bring life to the village. It is characterized by the colorful exteriors of its homes, which are similar to those found in Hateno Village."

Creating a Champion, page 290

Tarrey Town is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Tarrey Town is located in the south part of the Akkala province. In contrast to other towns in the game, Tarrey Town doesn't exist at the start of the game save the statue of The Goddess until you progress the Hylian Homeowner quest to a certain extent, where Bolson will send Hudson to the Akkala province to start work on a new settlement; starting the From the Ground Up Questline, the more of the quest you complete the more you build Tarrey Town. When complete, Tarrey Town will have an Inn, two general stores and an armor store. It has a two separate quests not including From the Ground Up, after you've completed From the Ground Up to a certain point. The town is unique for its ideologies; unlike all other settlements, Tarrey Town is not exclusive to a single race, but instead features members from all species, even a Sheikah named Granté, who sells rare and valuable Armour, as well as a Hylian Shield should the original break.

Nearby Side Quests

Shops In Tarrey Town

Slippery Falcon (Tarrey Town Branch)

Main article: Slippery Falcon (Tarrey Town Branch)

At this store, Fyson sells mostly Arrows and an Ancient Gear.

Ore and More

Main article: Ore and More

At this store, Pelison sells various ores.

Rhondson Armor Boutique

Main article: Rhondson Armor Boutique

At this store, Rhondson sells all three pieces of the Desert Voe Set:

Tarrey Town Inn

Main article: Tarrey Town Inn

The Tarrey Town Inn is run by Kapson, and it offers a free bed to Link.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Start on top of the rock bridge and chase the flower trail by climbing down and around under the bridge.

Follow the flower trail.

Tears of the Kingdom

The layout of Tarrey Town has changed considerably since Breath of the Wild. The house on the immediate right has now been converted into the town's storefronts, with Fyson running a general store and Pelison running the Break-a-Part Shop, where he will separate two parts of a fused item without destroying the fused material for 20 rupees. Immediately next to them is an empty plot of land, with a sign detailing that it is a pending sale for Kilton if encountered early in the game. Eventually Kilton will appear at this plot of land, and detail his dream of building a Monster Collection here, which progressively comes to life with Hudson constructing lifelike models of monsters provided with the help of Link's photographs. Kilton will personally request five monsters; a Bokoblin, a Horriblin, a Battle Talus, a Frox and a King Gleeok in that order, which he will then present to the entire town. Ultimately Link can add any monsters he wants to the collection after a point in fulfilling these requests.

Hudson will initially be occupied with feelings of worry over the coming age of his and Rhondson's daughter Mattison, who is soon to be escorted from home to Gerudo Town as per Gerudo tradition. This is the beginning of the lengthy sidequest Mattison's Independence, where Link spends the day with Mattison around the town and helps Hudson and Rhondson see her off properly on her journey. Once this quest is completed, Link can then instigate the Home on Arrange sidequest, in which he will be able to build himself his own, custom designed modular home on a plot of land outside of town close to the Rasitakiwak Shrine. It will also open up the five A Monstrous Collection sidequests, as Hudson will then become available to assist Kilton.

The Torin Wetland directly across the pond from Tarrey Town is now a site of active housing development titled the Hudson Construction Site, and is also full of sky island ruins that fell from the sky, each containing roughly one Sundelion. A Zonai Dispenser that dispenses Fans, Small Wheels, Balloons, Big Wheels, Rockets and Steering Sticks can be found there, and is one of two Zonai Dispensers in the game that dispense six different types of Zonai device. A Zonai-device powered rail car leading from this site back up to Tarrey Town has also been built, but initially Hagie will charge you Rupees to use it from Tarrey Town until the sidequests Rock For Sale and Mattison's Independence has been completed. Link can also explore the Construction Site Cave opened by a pair of holes in the ground nearby.

Side Quests


  • In Breath of the Wild, as with Lurelin Village, Tarrey Town is not a plot-relevant settlement in the game as it doesn't have connections to any Main Quests; serving more as a hub for the Akkala Province. In spite of that, building Tarrey Town provides an impetus for the player to go to the locations where the Divine Beasts are located.
  • Tarrey Town is the only settlement in Akkala, and the only settlement in Hyrule that is not readily available.
  • Because of its association to the Bolson Construction Company, a Hateno-based company, the modular buildings in Tarrey Town are styled as the newer buildings in Hateno Village.
  • Upon completion of From the Ground Up, Bolson and Karson can be permanently left at Tarrey Town and never return to Hateno Village; however, by talking with Bolson at Tarrey Town, both he and Carson can head back to Hateno and sit at the front of Link's house once again.
  • Similar to Kakariko Village, Tarrey Town has both a shrine and a Great Fairy close by; Link can also buy a greater variation of arrows, and have a free bed at Tarrey Town. However, unlike Kakariko, Link can't buy food at Tarrey Town.
  • There is no explanation as to why the Goddess Statue is located at such an odd location in Akkala before the town is completed, though it's implied by its presence that a town is "meant" to be there.