Tumlea Heights

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"This plateau is lined with colorful trees as well as the Ancient Furnace, which is critical for research in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. The crimson trees run from Akkala Falls to the Akkala Wilds and create a landscape unique to Akkala."

Creating a Champion, page 291

Tumlea Heights is an area in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Tumlea Heights are located at the north end of the Akkala region, a bit north of the East Akkala Stable and just west of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. The area has a slight elevation on all sides, leading up to the peak, where the Ancient Furnace is located. The area is completely littered with Blue Moblin and some more dangerous Black Moblin. Just north of the peak, there is an enemy camp with some Blue Bokoblin and some Black Bokoblin. Inside the enemy camp, there is a treasure chest that contains a Royal Bow.

Robbie's Research

Main article: Robbie's Research

As part of the Robbie's Research side quest, Link will need to light the Ancient Furnace that is just outside of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. In order to do so, Link will need to use the Ancient Furnace, which is located in the Tumlea Heights. Link can use a Torch to carry the Blue Flame around the Bloodleaf Lake and over to the tech lab. After doing so and then speaking with Robbie, Link will be awarded with three Ancient Arrows, completing the quest in the process.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Hit the leaves, then pick up the rock.

A circle of red bushes with leaves in the middle is here. Hit the leaves to disperse them and uncover a rock to be picked up.