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Tingel Island is an area in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Though technically part of the Akkala Highlands, Tingel Island is the northernmost island in the Lanayru Sea, located just north of Ankel Island. It is connected by a very long and narrow wooden bridge. There are two Guardian Skywatchers guarding the island.

At the north end of the island, there is an enemy camp with a Black Moblin and Black Bokoblin. There is a treasure chest at the camp containing a Soldier's Bow. A second treasure chest is buried in the ground just to the north and it contains five Fire Arrows.

At the west side of the island, on one of the higher ledges, there is a yellow flower Link can collect. This leads to a number of flowers, climbing up to the peak of Tingel Island. After collecting the white flower, Link will get a Korok Seed.

Kah Mael Shrine

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Near the center of the island there is a large stone slab. Link can drop an Octo Balloon to lift it up. If Link doesn't have any Octo Balloons, he can find some by defeating one of the many Forest Octoroks that are on the island. Underneath the slab, Link will find the Kah Mael Shrine.




Nearby Korok Seeds

The flower trail starts on the southwest side of the hill. Follow it to the peak.

Follow the flower trail starting at the southwest side of the hill.

Tears of the Kingdom

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