South Lake Akkala

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South Lake Akkala is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

South Lake Akkala is a body of water found just southeast of the Akkala Tower. Water flows to the Lake from Toto Lake up in the Upland Zorana region of the Lanayru province. There are a pair of large islands in between two larger bodies of land, all of which are connected by the West Sokkala Bridge, the Sokkala Bridge, and the East Sokkala Bridge. Water from the lake flows northward to the Akkala Falls, where it then spills into Lake Akkala.

There are a few treasure chests in the area, including one found in the water, just southwest of the West Sokkala Bridge, containing a Silver Rupee. A second is floating just south of the East Sokkala Bridge]], and it contains five Bomb Arrows. Another chest can be found at the south end of the lake, under water near the waterfall, and it contains a Silver Bow.

In the center of the north-central portion of the Lake, just before it drops down the Akkala Falls, there are a circle of rocks. If Link tosses a rock into the center, he can find a Korok. A second Korok Seed can be found underneath the West Sokkala Bridge, hidden beneath a rock.




Tears of the Kingdom

South Lake Akkala is a body of water who's water source comes Toto Lake and other water sources near Zora's Domain. The water then flows north, to the Akkala Falls and down to Lake Akkala. There are three bridges that extend over South Lake Akkala, including the West Sokkala Bridge, Sokkala Bridge, and East Sokkala Bridge.

The Lake surrounds a pair of islands that have numerous enemies on it. The eastern island is accessible by bridges, while the western island is completely surrounded by water.


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