Knuckel Island

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Knuckel Island is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Knuckel Island is part of a series of islands in the Lanayru Sea, although the islands themselves are officially part of the Akkala Highlands. It connects to the south with Davdi Island across two long and narrow bridges. It also connects with Ankel Island to the north with multiple bridges.

At the lower elevation on the north side of the island, there is an where there was once a campfire, with an Iron Sledgehammer nearby. Just to the northeast of the camp, there is a Blue Bokoblin that is protecting a treasure chest, which contains a Silver Rupee. The path leading to the west side of the island comes across some boulders that can be blown up, revealing an Ore Deposit. At the very top of the island, there is a treasure chest buried in the ground that can be pulled up with Magnesis. The chest contains five Bomb Arrows.