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"This small lake in a valley in northwestern Akkala. It resembles a skull when viewed from above. The rock that forms the left eye is actually a very tall spire with a shrine at the top. It requires a great deal of stamina and effort to get to. The first time Link visits Skull Lake at night, Kilton will be preparing to open the Fang and Bone on top of the lower right eye. Once Link meets him, it will become possible to visit the Fang and Bone near all of the major villages across Hyrule."

Creating a Champion, page 291

Skull Lake is an location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Skull Lake is located at the northwest end of the Akkala region, just northeast of Death Mountain and north of the Tempest Gulch. The Lake gets its name due to the aerial view of the Lake. It resembles that of a skull with the two islands in the middle representing the eyes.

Breath of the Wild

At the southwest end of Skull Lake, there is a Raft on the water that Link can use to navigate around the Lake. There is a Korok Leaf right beside the raft, for easy transport. The lake itself has a few types of fish, as Link will find some Armored Carp, Hearty Bass, and Mighty Carp.

Fang and Bone

Main article: Fang and Bone

On the western island of Skull Lake, Kilton will appear at nighttime. This is the first time Link can meet with Kilton, who is looking to open up a shop known as the Fang and Bone. While the shop is not operational just yet, he tells Link he'll be opening up shortly, but he's not quite sure which town to visit first. After speaking with him, Kilton will finish and he'll no longer appear at Skull Lake.

After this encounter, Link can now find Kilton on the outskirts of Hateno Village, Lurelin Village, Rito Village, and all the other major towns. While Link cannot shop at the Fang and Bone at Skull Lake, this encounter is required so that he can shop there at other locations. Kilton has his own currency known as Mon, which Link can acquire by exchanging various monsters parts with Kilton. Monster parts that are more uncommon will give Link more Mon. Initially, Kilton only has three items for sale, including Monster Extract, a Wooden Mop, and a Bokoblin Mask. However, as Link has completed more Divine Beasts, Kilton will begin to stock more items.

The Skull's Eye

Main article: The Skull's Eye

After completing the Robbie's Research side quest, Link can speak with Jerrin over at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. She talks about a shrine found at the Skull Lake, located on the higher pillar at center of the lake. This will begin The Skull's Eye shrine quest. The best way to reach the shrine is by gliding from a higher point at the Akkala Wilds to the north. Link can grab onto the pillar and then climb the rest of the way up to reach the shrine.

Zuna Kai Shrine

Main article: Zuna Kai Shrine

Found in the center of the lake at the higher pillar, the shrine is simply a blessing shrine. Link can open the treasure chest to get a Flameblade and then speak with Zuna Kai at the altar to get a Spirit Orb.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Look to the southeast of the marker, one ledge down, to find the seed platform. Climb up the cliff to the circle.

Find the seed platform just below the seed marker to the southeast. Climb to the ring. Revali's Gale makes this practically effortless.

Complete the stone circle with a rock by the nearby Bokoblin camp to the north. It will be next to one of the wooden pillars.

Complete the rock circle. The rock is nearby to the north next to a Bokoblin camp. Be cautious as they like to use explosive barrels while attacking you.

Pick up the rock on top of the large tree.

Climb the tree, pick up the rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

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