Kah Mael Shrine

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Kah Mael Shrine



Inside an underground cave in Tingel Island between the Lanayru Sea and the Akkala Sea








Kah Mael Shrine, also known as Drop and Rise, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.

This shrine is on Tingel Island, the northernmost island of the chain in Lanayru Sea.


To access the shrine, you must lift the rock in the way. An Octo Balloon does the trick; just drop one on it and away it goes. Or, you can use Stasis on the slab to send it flying.

Drop and Rise

There will be a scale up ahead that has a metal barrel on the left side and a metal cube resting on an elevated wooden platform above the scale's right side. Before even stepping on the scale, use your bow to cut the ropes supporting the platform that the cube is resting on. That will cause the cube to fall onto the right side of the scale, raising the left side and hurling the barrel skyward. Use Magnesis to temporarily move the cube off the scale and set it aside. Climb onto the left side of the scale, pick up the barrel, and toss it aside (you don't even need it).

Now while standing on the left side of the scale, use Magnesis to suspend the cube above the right side of the scale, and drop it. When the cube hits the scale, Link will be launched into the air. You can glide over to the alter from there if desired. Note: it is not recommended that you be standing on the left side of the scale when you initially cut the ropes suspending the cube above the right side of the scale. You will lose a heart's worth of health if you use that method.

There is a treasure chest on the ledge. If Link sprints, jumps, uses the Paraglider, and then climbs, he can make it across. Alternatively, Link will need to use the large scales again, dropping the metal block in order to launch himself up and glide to the chest. The chest here contains a Diamond.

Jump back across and head up to the altar. Speak with Kah Mael to get a Spirit Orb.