Kah Mael Shrine

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Kah Mael Shrine






Kah Mael Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.

This shrine is on Tingel Island, the northernmost island of the chain in Lanayru Sea.


To access the shrine, you must lift the rock in the way. An Octo Balloon does the trick; just drop one on it and away it goes. Or, you can use Stasis on the slab to send it flying.

Drop and Rise

First, get on the left side of the scale, then look up and see a metal cube on a ledge above the right side of the scale. Cut the two ropes and it will fall, launching you up. Once you're high enough, glide over to the chest (Diamond) in the left corner.

You can actually make it to the platform with the altar from here if you sprint jump glide and climb, but if you fail, just repeat the launching maneuver again to glide to the exit. (Use Magnesis to hold the cube up as high as you can, and then let go.) Head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.