Saas Ko'sah Shrine

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Saas Ko'sah Shrine
Saas Ko'sah Shrine.jpg



In the Docks of Hyrule Castle





Saas Ko'sah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild. It is in the basement of Hyrule Castle, at the Docks. In order to make the shrine appear, you need to light the large beacon in this area first.


Complete Main Quests

Head inside Hyrule Castle to reach this shrine. The fastest way is using the northwest entrance, to reach the docks. Once you climb up to the stone area with all the torches, light the brazier to reveal the shrine.

A Major Test of Strength

Kill the Guardian Scout IV, Who wields a Guardian Spear++, An Ancient Battle Axe++, and a Guardian Sword++, collect the chest (Flameblade), and head to the altar for your well earned Spirit Orb.