Korsh O'hu Shrine

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Korsh O'hu Shrine







Korsh O'hu Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: The Seven Heroines

Main article: The Seven Heroines

To begin the quest, speak with Rotana, who can be found in her home reading books at her library at the north end of Gerudo Town. She is an archaeologist research the Seven Heroines at the East Gerudo Ruins.

The ruins are located just southwest of the Wasteland Tower. Once you arrive, you'll need to find the seven orbs and place them in the proper holes in front of the heroines. Each statue has a marking on it somewhere, either behind the statue, or somewhere up above. Each orb has a matching symbol. All of the orbs are on the ground, except for one, which is on top of the statue at the north end of the ruins. Use Magnesis to find and grab the orbs.



For the solution, place the orbs in the proper pedestal holes, starting with the statue on the west and going clockwise:

  • Red (apostrophe or comma; symbol is at right foot of statue)
  • Orange Λ (lambda; symbol is on chest of statue)
  • Yellow O (circle; symbol is on the back of the hilt of sword)
  • Grey : (colon; symbol is on head of statue)
  • Green ʃ (scroll, integral, or esh; symbol is on front of hilt of sword)
  • Blue flame (symbol is on chest of statue)
  • Purple (pause button) (already done for you; symbol is on left foot of statue)

Another small hint is the colors makeup the rainbow, with the gray colon being added in there. When the last orb is in place, the shrine will reveal and the quest will be complete.

Korsh O'hu's Blessing

After all that effort, the shrine itself contains no challenges at all. Simply move forward and open the chest which contains a Flamespear. Run up to the altar and speak with Korsh O'hu to get the Spirit Orb.