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Kam Urog Shrine










Kam Urog Shrine, known as the Trial of Passage, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine can be found along the road, northeast of Fort Hateno and west of Hateno Village. When passing by the Cliffs of Quince, Link can head north to find a graveyard of headstones. Link will need to complete The Cursed Statue quest in order to enter the shrine.

Shrine Quest: The Cursed Statue

Main article: The Cursed Statue

Talk to Doctor Calip to start this quest. During the evening and overnight hours he can be found inside his cabin, located directly east of Fort Hateno. During the daytime, he can be found examining the graveyard of headstones. After acknowledging he is a doctor, this will begin the Shrine quest.[1]

Near the graveyard of headstones, just after 9pm, one of the statues' eyes will starting glowing purple. Shoot this statue with an Arrow to complete the Shrine Quest and reveal the Kam Urog Shrine.

When the shrine is revealed, Doctor Calip is seen standing in front of the shrine thinking for a moment before running off again. [2]

Trial of Passage

To begin, ride one of the large platforms until you can glide to the cogwheel in the center. Be careful of the three spiked, metal balls freely rolling on the inside (one large and two small). There are two treasure chests that can be reached from here, one is stationary, located in an opening higher up that leads back to the entrance of the shrine. This treasure chest contains an Opal gem. A second treasure chest is on one of the rotating platforms. When it is on a flat surface, you can use Stasis on one of the gears to freeze everything and then reach the treasure chest. This second treasure chest contains a weapon, which has a chance to be a Soldier's Spear or Royal Halberd.

To exit the shrine, ride one of the large platforms up the side of the wall and then glide over to the lower stairs which are located right behind a wall of lasers. From here wait until the staircase moves into place, allowing you to run up to the exit of the shrine. You can uses Stasis on the nearby gear to freeze the staircase in place. Run up to the altar and speak with Kam Urog to get the Spirit Orb.


During the E3 Treehouse Presentation, the shrine was referred to as the Shrine Kalm Yu'ogh and was given the sub-name, Trial of Passing.


  1. Doctor... Did I...just hear you call me doctor? As in, not merely Calip, but DOCTOR Calip? It rolled off your tongue so naturally. It was downright salivary! - Calip
  2. A shrine? Here? But I hadn't completed my inquiry into the mystery of the ancient texts. Hrm... This must be what we in the archaeology profession refer to as "a stroke of luck." Er, not that I believe in any such thing... - Calip