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Daka Tuss Shrine










Daka Tuss Shrine, also known as Sunken Scoop, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is located on Shrine Island within the Lanayru Wetlands, north of Kakariko Village and southeast of the Wetland Stable.

Sunken Scoop

There are three small Ancient Orbs in the water down below, as well as a metallic scoop. Link can use Magnesis on the bowl to scoop up one of the Ancient Orbs. Carefully lift the orb and drop it into the hole behind the gate, located in the corner of the room. The orb will fall in the hole, opening the large gate near the entrance.

Carry the scoop over to the next room and you'll find more Ancient Orbs. There is also a switch at the ground floor that controls the nearby gate. Once again scoop up a ball and toss it on top of the ledge, making sure the orb doesn't fall off. Then use Magnesis on the scoop again, dropping it onto the large switch at the ground floor. The gate will open, causing the orb to drop in the hole. This will in turn cause water to be drained.

Before continuing, head back to the previous room. With the water now drained, open the treasure chest found here to get a Silver Longsword. You can now hightail it all the way to the altar to speak with Daka Tuss and get the Spirit Orb.