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This article is about the puzzle-related orbs in Breath of the Wild. For the health/stamina enhancing orbs in the same game, see Spirit Orb..
Ancient Orb
Link dealing with Loone to grab her orb.


Unlock paths or Shrines of Trials



Ancient Orbs or Stone Spheres[1] are spherical objects found throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Created as part of Sheikah Technology, the orbs mainly serve as keys related to Ancient Shrines and are known throughout Hyrule as prized and mysterious objects, even worn as jewelry by monster enemies like Hinox.


Orbs can be found in multiple sizes. Overworld Orbs are usually one-off items which involve a quest to obtain and place in a Shrine Pedestal, unlocking a path or Shrine of Trials. Others, usually within shrines, are dispensed freely, and only one need find its way into each socket. Most of them can be also launched via Stasis. Ancient Orbs that can be lifted by hand have little to no concussive power, so they're ineffective as throwing weapons or to destroy breakable stone blocks.

One example of an Ancient Orb is the Sheikah Heirloom held in Lady Impa's Hall, which requires completing The Stolen Heirloom Shrine Quest to obtain and use. Other identified ones include "Roscoe" from the Guardian Slideshow Shrine Quest, and the Sand Seal race trophy from The Undefeated Champ Shrine Quest.

Almost all Orbs shine with an orange glimmer until placed in pedestals, turning blue alongside the pedestal itself and activating it. Other Orbs shine with different color lights (the Trial of Thunder orbs), or don't glimmer at all and have different designs like The Seven Heroines orbs; the latter ones are also the only orbs that can be moved through Magnesis, as they're too heavy to lift.

An Ancient Orb is involved in the DLC-exclusive Kihiro Moh Shrine's uncovering, as the player must recover it from inside the Yiga Clan Hideout to throw it into the giant chasm on the deep end of the hideout. The shrine itself features giant multi-colored balls similar to the ones on the Trial of Thunder.



  • Although they're considered precious, rare and even sacred in Hyrule, Ancient Orbs are produced en-masse inside some Shrines, implying that they're considerably less esoteric and special than how they're perceived by common people in the kingdom.
  • Most orbs encountered are made of a stone-like material or the material used in Sheikah technology. As such, most of them have to be carried by hand, and while they can be subjects of Stasis, they may not be susceptible to Magnesis. Said orbs also float in water, so they're not made of stone.