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Loone is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Loone can be found sitting down at a small campsite at the Puffer Beach. Her camp has a Cooking Pot and a number of barrels and crates that are filled with Palm Fruit, Apples, and Hydromelons. She can initially be seen laying down and stroking the Ancient Orb named Roscoe that she has found. She is absolutely in love with the orb, and can be seen stroking it.

Guardian Slideshow

Main article: Guardian Slideshow

Speaking to Loone will trigger the start of the Guardian Slideshow. Loone is obsessed with her Ancient Orb. She states that she will never ever let it go.[1] The truth is that Loone has more of a passion for Guardians. She wants to be able to see a flying guardian, small guardian, and a walking guarding. Loone states that seeing these guardians is the only thing that would cause her to part ways with the orb.[2]

To complete the quest, Link will need to find a Guardian Stalker, Guardian Skywatcher, and a Guardian Scout. After taking a picture of these guardians using the Camera, Link can return to Loone and show her the pictures.[3] If Link has all three pictures taken, he will automatically show them to Loone.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

Afterwards, Loone will ask if she can keep the Sheikah Slate to look at the pictures. [10][11] Link can then ask Loone if he can have the orb, which Loone will allow Link to take it.[12]

After completing the Guardian Slideshow, Loone will walk over to the inactive Decayed Guardian that is nearby. She thanks Link for helping her explore her imagination.[13] She even forgets about her Ancient Orb, Roscoe, not even remember its name.[14] Loone will then remain at her encampment henceforth.



  • In Breath of the Wild, Loone's name may be a reference to the word ‘looney', as she is acting delusional with the orb.
  • The overall situation with Roscoe may be a reference to the movie Cast Away, in which the protagonist finds a volleyball and names it after being stranded on an island.
  • It's not known how Loone knows about Guardian Scouts, considering that there are none to be found outside either shrines or Divine Beasts.


  1. Your skin is so smooth and gorgeous, my little Roscoe... Hm? Someone's watching us? Oh, my sweet Roscoe! You're so shy, aren't you? YES, YOU ARE! Why not proudly show off your beaming beauty, my darling? You really MUST come out of your shell. Hm? The person watching looks like he wants something? Maybe he's after... *GASP* Is he after you?! Don't you worry, my sweet Roscoe! I would never ever EVER let you go! I'm head over heels for my special friend who's been around since ancient times! You're so ancient and special, Roscoe! YES, YOU ARE!! - Loone
  2. Sorry, my sweet Roscoe, but I fibbed a little... The truth is... I wanna see Guardians! Flying ones! Small ones! Ones that walk around! I wanna see all the Guardians in all the world!! Not the ones around here that have rusted away, either. I wanna see fresh and lively Guardians! If I ever do get to see them... I may just have to leave you, my friend. Oh, but don't you worry! Getting near a Guardian is too dangerous for me. Flying ones, small ones, ones that walk... I'm afraid seeing Guardians like that is nothing more than a dream within a dream for me... - Loone
  3. Hm? Someone's speaking? You'll...show me? A Guardian? Hey, you! Could you please not bother my Roscoe and me? - Loone
  4. It's not like you can show me a Guardian or anything... - Loone
  5. That image... That's a flying Guardian! Wow, I feel alive with terror just from gazing at its beautiful form! - Loone
  6. A small Guardian! Awww, it looks so vicious for its tiny size! Adorable!! - Loone
  7. Hold on... If you've been able to show me two types, then that must mean... - Loone
  8. A walking Guardian! I can't believe it! Nothing could be more dangerous! What an exhilaratingly scary sight! - Loone
  9. Phew... What a joy. - Loone
  10. Hey, you! Give me that box, OK?! I wanna look at those images every single day! - Loone
  11. You can't? I see... How unfortunate. I guess I'll just have to burn those images into my imagination. - Loone
  12. Hm? Oh, you mean Roscoe? Sure, that weird sphere thing is all yours. Really, I'm over it. Yeah, I'm all about Guardians now! If I close my eyes, I can see them in my imagination! It's glorious! - Loone
  13. You are the inspiration of my imagination! You really are! Yes, I've been daydreaming while recalling those wonderful Guardians you showed me! - Loone
  14. Roscoe? Who in the world is that? I can't remember! - Loone