Guardian Slideshow

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Guardian Slideshow



Camera rune unlocked (from Locked Mementos Main Quest)


Speak with Loone at Puffer Beach


Show Loone pictures of three types of Guardians.





Guardian Slideshow is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Link will first need to have completed the Locked Mementos main quest to acquire the Camera Rune.

Begin the Quest

Loone can be found sitting down at a small campsite at the west end of Puffer Beach, which is located just east of Menoat River when it flows into the Faron Sea. Speak with Loone to trigger the start of the Guardian Slideshow. Loone is obsessed with her Ancient Orb, who she has named "Roscoe". She states that she will never ever let it go.[1] The truth is that Loone has more of a passion for Guardians. She wants to be able to see a flying guardian, small guardian, and a walking guarding. Loone states that seeing these guardians is the only thing that would cause her to part ways with the orb.[2]


Link will need to find a Guardian Stalker, Guardian Skywatcher, and a Guardian Scout.

  • Guardian Stalker - A Guardian Stalker can be found just east of the Puffer Beach, near the Komo Shoreline
  • Guardian Scout - This can be a scout level I, II, III, or IV. Any of the Test of Strength shrines have Guardian Scouts. Alternatively, Link can return to the Oman Au Shrine on the Great Plateau to take a snapshot of a guardian.
  • Guardian Skywatcher - The safest place to find a Skywatcher is just west of the Tabantha Bridge Stable and Tabantha Great Bridge, where they are flying along the path.

After taking a picture of each of the three guardians using the Camera, Link can return to Loone and show her the pictures.[3] If Link has all three pictures taken, he will automatically show them to Loone.[4][5][6][7][8][9] Keep in mind that the pictures featured in the Hyrule Compendium alone will not work, as they have to be in the camera rune's picture album.

Now that Link can grab the orb, he can place it in the nearby pedestal, which will cause the Shoqa Tatone Shrine to appear. This will complete the Guardian Slideshow quest.

Shoqa Tatone Shrine

Main article: Shoqa Tatone Shrine

The Showa Tatone Shrine is A Modest Test of Strength shrine. Defeat the Guardian Scout III and then open the treasure chest which usually has a Royal Broadsword. Speak with Shoqa Tatone to get the Spirit Orb.



  1. Your skin is so smooth and gorgeous, my little Roscoe... Hm? Someone's watching us? Oh, my sweet Roscoe! You're so shy, aren't you? YES, YOU ARE! Why not proudly show off your beaming beauty, my darling? You really MUST come out of your shell. Hm? The person watching looks like he wants something? Maybe he's after... *GASP* Is he after you?! Don't you worry, my sweet Roscoe! I would never ever EVER let you go! I'm head over heels for my special friend who's been around since ancient times! You're so ancient and special, Roscoe! YES, YOU ARE!! - Loone
  2. Sorry, my sweet Roscoe, but I fibbed a little... The truth is... I wanna see Guardians! Flying ones! Small ones! Ones that walk around! I wanna see all the Guardians in all the world!! Not the ones around here that have rusted away, either. I wanna see fresh and lively Guardians! If I ever do get to see them... I may just have to leave you, my friend. Oh, but don't you worry! Getting near a Guardian is too dangerous for me. Flying ones, small ones, ones that walk... I'm afraid seeing Guardians like that is nothing more than a dream within a dream for me... - Loone
  3. Hm? Someone's speaking? You' me? A Guardian? Hey, you! Could you please not bother my Roscoe and me? - Loone
  4. It's not like you can show me a Guardian or anything... - Loone
  5. That image... That's a flying Guardian! Wow, I feel alive with terror just from gazing at its beautiful form! - Loone
  6. A small Guardian! Awww, it looks so vicious for its tiny size! Adorable!! - Loone
  7. Hold on... If you've been able to show me two types, then that must mean... - Loone
  8. A walking Guardian! I can't believe it! Nothing could be more dangerous! What an exhilaratingly scary sight! - Loone
  9. Phew... What a joy. - Loone