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"This quiet beach runs along the coast of the Faron Sea and has a naturally formed stone tunnel and tidal pools which make for breathtaking scenery. However, there are Guardians and Lizalfos about, so one must be on guard while exploring the area."

Creating a Champion, page 331

Komo Shoreline is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Komo Shoreline is located at the far south end of the Lake Tower region, along the Faron Sea. A Guardian Stalker sits to the west end. There is also an inactive Decayed Guardian, near a shallow pond of water. Next to the decayed guardian, there is a treasure chest underwater in the small pond and it contains five Ice Arrows. Another treasure chest can be found in the water at the far west of the Komo Shoreline, where it meets up with the Puffer Beach. The chest here contains a Silver Rupee.

There are some Green Lizalfos, as well the more dangerous Blue Lizalfos along the shoreline. In the sea, several Water Octoroks will appear, shooting rocks out towards Link. Additionally, there is a variety of animal life and other creatures on the beach, including some Ironshell Crabs, Razorclaw Crabs, and Hearty Blueshell Snails, as well both Pink Heron and Blue-Winged Heron. A Rugged Rhino Beetle can be found on one of the palm trees that are along the shore. Out at sea, Link will find some Mighty Porgy and Armored Porgy.

At the east part of the shortline, there is a massive overhang and there are some Ore Deposits, including a Rare Ore Deposit. They are in groups of three and can be shot down with a single Bomb Arrow.



Tears of the Kingdom

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