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Gloom Spawn are enemies made of gloom in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"Gloom Spawn Rumors: There are reports of animated patches of gloom known as Gloom Spawn. If you meet one, watch out, as some have claimed to see something strange and fearsome within them."

Tears of the Kingdom loading screen tip

Gloom Spawn are animated puddles of gloom. If Link encounters one, then it will creep towards him, the sky will go pinkish-red (as in a Blood Moon) if it is outdoors on the Surface and it will form a group of five giant hands with eyeballs on the palms and rapidly chase Link. If these catch him, they crush him and do gloom damage, disabling Heart Containers. If this happens on the surface, his heart containers will reactivate if he gets outside the range of the Gloom Spawn, but in the Depths - where they are more common - he will need to eat a Sunny meal, visit a Lightroot or return to the surface for the damage to his heart containers to heal.

If Link gets beyond the range of the Gloom Spawn, they will evaporate and leave Dark Clumps behind. If he confronts it and defeats it by attacking the eyeballs, a Phantom Ganon may spawn in its place.

While most Gloom Spawns can be escaped without consequence, Link must defeat the Gloom Spawn and Phantom Ganon at the bottom of the Deku Tree Chasm to free the Great Deku Tree and Korok Forest from the gloomy miasma keeping them frozen. Until this happens, the Lost Woods are completely impassable, and the only way into Korok Forest is ascending through the column in Korok Grove, near Rikonasum Lightroot.