A Shady Customer

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A Shady Customer



Locked Mementos Main Quest



Take a picture of Kilton


Silver Rupee

A Shady Customer is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Link will need to have completed the Locked Mementos Main Quest and acquired the Camera (Rune).

Speak with Hoz at the East Akkala Stable to begin the quest.


Hoz has tasked Link with finding Kilton and taking a picture of him. If Link has not encountered Kilton yet, he can be found on the west island over at Skull Lake, located at the northwest end of Akkala.

If Link has already met Kilton, than Kilton will then begin appearing on the outskirts of all the various towns in Hyrule. Kilton will only appear at nighttime and his shop will also not appear if Link is just waiting for it. Instead, it will need to be night before Link approaches the town. When Link does this, Kilton's shop will be there, open for business.

Use the Camera to take a picture of Kilton and then return to the East Akkala Stable. Show the picture to Hoz, of which Hoz then gets a better understanding of Kilton's character. He will reward Link with a Silver Rupee, completing the quest.


Adventure Log

Step Description
A mercenary named Hoz at East Akkala Stable asked you to investigate a suspicious character.

Whoever it is apparently runs a business that he calls Fang and Bone.

If you find someone fitting that description, get an image of him to show Hoz.
You showed Hoz a picture of Kilton.

Hoz seems to have a better understanding of Kilton's strange countenance.