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Shopkeeper, Fang and Bone



Breath of the Wild
Skull Lake (initially)
Korne Beach
East Lake Akkala
Lake Totori North
South Lantern Lake
Southeast Veiled Falls
West Barrens
Zelkoa Pond West
Tears of the Kingdom
Pico Pond
Tarrey Town



Koltin (younger brother)

Kilton is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Kilton is a strange, short Hylian clad in torn, monster-esque clothes who loves monsters more than anything, and believes them to be misunderstood. He is hinted to have an unusual, animal-like voice. He owns a small business, namely the Fang and Bone, where he offers Link the opportunity to purchase some of his collection of monster-related items, which include various articles of clothing, weapons, and more. He is the inventor of the currency Mon, which can only be used at his shop.[1]Throughout the course of the game, he is never shown outside of the Fang and Bone. His various locations across the game are marked by a small sign reading "Kilton's Fang and Bone - Open Only at Night" and a patch of land that is in noticable decay depending on the location.


Kilton can be found on the small island at Skull Lake, located just northeast of Death Mountain, at the far northwest end of the Akkala region. He will only appear there at nighttime and will disappear when day breaks. If Link is standing right where Kilton's shop appears, or within a close range, the shop won't actually appear. Instead, Link will need to be off in the distance and have to arrive sometime after 8 PM. While the shop does not appear after 4 AM, if Link is near the shop, it will remain on location. However, if Link tries to purchase anything, Kilton will close up shop for the day.

After initially talking to Kilton at Skull Lake, he will then set up shop at the various towns in Hyrule. The shops are open each night from 8 PM until 4 AM.

Doing Business

Main article: Fang and Bone

In order to purchase items from Kilton, Link will need to acquire some Mon. Link can acquire some Mon by exchanging monster parts. The more rare the monster part is, the more mon it is worth.[2]

Initially, Kilton only has Monster Extract, a Wooden Mop, and a Bokoblin Mask for sale. However, after each Divine Beast that Link completes, Kilton will begin to stock more items.[3]


Link can receive three "Medals of Honor" from Kilton for defeating all the overworld bosses from the base game:

Medal of Honor Icon Reason
Medal of Honor: Talus Medal of Honor- Talus.png Killing all 40 Stone Taluses
Medal of Honor: Hinox Medal of Honor- Hinox.png Killing all 40 Hinoxes
Medal of Honor: Molduga Medal of Honor- Molduga.png Killing all 4 Moldugas

Tears of the Kingdom

Kilton reappears in Tears of the Kingdom, and can be found to the east of the Woodland Stable, in front of the Pico Pond Cave. He is accompanying his younger brother Koltin, who is on a personal quest to turn himself into a legendary creature, particularly a Satori.[4] Koltin believes he needs a Bubbul Gem to do so, and needs to defeat a Bubbulfrog to get one. After suggesting to find someone else to complete this task, The Hunt for Bubbul Gems! side adventure begins.

If Link gives him one, Koltin will be ecstatic, devour it, and continue his quest to collect further Bubbul Gems when he does not immediately transform. Kilton says that Koltin has his full support, and the two brothers part ways for the rest of the game.[5] Kilton departs for Tarrey Town, having now left the Fang and Bone in Koltin's care.[6]

If Link interacts with Kilton after this point while wearing a monster mask, Kilton will react in surprise and initially mistake Link for the monster in question. He will remark that he is no longer in the business for making masks anymore, for monster sculptures have become his new passion.

When Link has obtained Koltin's Fabric after giving Koltin every single Bubbul Gem, he can then talk to Kilton and show it to him, who will express surprise and disbelief as to what's become of Koltin. Remarking on the end result, he will simply say "I'm sure he's very happy." He will then mention taking the now abandoned Fang and Bone stall to Koltin's favorite place, request that Link make good use of his fabric, and summarize Koltin's life with the words "He always chased his dreams...So I will also do my best to chase mine!".

Kilton's Monster Collection

If Tarrey Town is visited before Link first encounters Kilton, an empty plot of land will be shown, with a sign notating that it is a pending sale for him. After The Hunt for Bubbul Gems! side adventure is complete, Kilton will now be found next to this plot of land, where he will detail his dream to create a Monster Sculpture Collection for display upon it. As he loves monsters more than anything, and believes them to be misunderstood, this collection will be his opportunity to teach folks about the various monsters of Hyrule and help them see that they have good traits as well. Initially, this dream is put on hold, as Hudson remains distracted, and he requires his help towards pursuing this dream. Hudson will become free once the Mattison's Independence side quest is complete, thus opening up the five A Monstrous Collection side adventures.

Kilton will attempt to describe in vain the appearance and characteristics of the first two monsters he would like to display to Hudson, who is unable to picture exactly what Kilton is asking for, wishing he had a photograph for reference. This will be Link's cue to go out into Hyrule and take a picture of each monster requested, which he will then present to Kilton and Hudson. Hudson will then have the reference he needs, and promptly craft a sculpture of the monster in the exact pose it was photographed in, to Kilton's great delight. However, Hudson is unable to place the statue upon the plot, giving the cue to Link to place it there himself using Ultrahand. Where each statue goes is entirely up to the player, Kilton will be delighted no matter where and how each statue is placed.

Once each statue is placed, Kilton will immediately call together the townsfolk and give an educational presentation on each monster, presenting it like a circus sideshow yet describing each monster with affection and fascination. He ends each presentation with "Look and learn! Then you won't hate! Understand what you fear and you'll feel great! For those with an open mind, wonders always await!" Upon conclusion, he will reward Link with a Monster Extract, plus an additonal item from the second sculpture onward including a Monster Stew, the Monster Bridle, Monster Saddle, and finally a Diamond. After the first two statues, Hudson becomes inspired to make more, and Link is able to provide pictures of any monster to be reproduced as statues and displayed at will on the plot with the others. Statues cannot be removed until the maximum number of statues has been reached.



  1. Mon is a currency I invented to destabilize the market and fight the establishment! Just kidding, there is no establishment in Hyrule! I just love monsters so much that I turned them into money! Here's the deal: if you bring me monsters parts, I'll exchange them for mon. I'm the only business in Hyrule that accepts mon as payment! Pretty exclusive, eh? Anyway, you can spend your mon on various types of monster gear that I've created based on my research. - Kilton
  2. Monster parts are the things that monsters drop when they expire. You know-horns, fangs, eyes... The color and size may differ a bit, but they're all monster parts. The more rare they are, the more mon they're worth! - Kilton
  3. Ah... Another thing. I'm always developing new monster gear, so remember to check back in between your adventures. - Kilton
  4. "Koltin... Please. It's impossible...absurd try to turn yourself into a legendary creature... A Satori no less! Absurd! You should be working on the monster collection with me instead of chasing a silly dream like th—" — Kilton, Tears of the Kingdom
  5. "I...see. Well, it seems you've made up your mind. That being the case... You have my complete support. I hope you collect as many Bubbul gems as you need." — Kilton, Tears of the Kingdom
  6. "Now, I have to be on my way as well. I'll be making the journey to Tarry Town in Akkala. But dear traveler...thank you so much for helping my little brother. And though I hate to impose, I do hope that, during your travels, you'll find time to assist him further. I will keep my ears wide open for news of my brother's whereabouts, so visit me in Tarry Town if you need help finding him. Yes, yes, I'll be going now..." — Kilton, Tears of the Kingdom