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Goron Boss






Breath of the Wild
Goron City
Tears of the Kingdom
Goron City

Bludo is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Bludo is a Goron Elder currently acting as patriarch in Goron City during the game's events.

When Link first meets Bludo, he finds the Goron Boss inflicted with back pain and upset at the annoyance Divine Beast Vah Rudania has been causing on Death Mountain. He asks Link to find Yunobo at the Abandoned North Mine and retrieve the painkillers he needs to take on the Divine Beast. Later, Link discovers that Bludo raised the Bridge of Eldin in an attempt to stop Rudania from getting closer to the city below.

After Link stops Rudania and returns to speak with Bludo, he gives Link the Boulder Breaker as a thank-you for saving the Gorons.

Tears of the Kingdom

Bludo is the Goron elder of Goron City. He is one of the few Goron who remains unaffected by the Marbled Rock Roast, as being an old Goron, he cannot chew such food, and clearly notices the malevolent effect it has on younger Gorons.

Goron City

When Link first arrives at Goron City, Blude can be found in the center of town, yelling at Krane for also falling victim to the Marbled Rock Roast.[1] Link and Bludo are soon joined by Yunobo, who is disrespectful to Link, which causes Bludo to chime in, saying they should be nicer to their esteemed guest.[2][3][4] This causes Yunobo to chirp back at Bludo, asserting his dominance as the President of YunuboCo and the leader of the city.[5][6][7][8][9][10]

After hearing that Princess Zelda is still missing, Bludo seems very concerned and comments about the Princess's lovely blond locks.[11] This causes the two young Goron, Offrak and Slergo to talk about how they saw Yunobo talk to a girl matching that description. Yunobo quickly shuts them up, saying they can't help with Princess Zelda and they have to leave to go get some more marbled rock roast.[12][13][14] Bludo protests about the potential of bringing in more rock roast, but injuries his back again as Yunobo takes off to the YunoboCo HQ.[15][16]

Bludo will then reminisce about how Yunobo used to be, until he created YunoboCo. Bludo says that everything changed once the company started digging up the roast.[17] Nowadays, all the young Gorons do is sit around eating it instead of working. Even worse, some of them are running scams to try and eat more roast.[18] Bludo thinks that if it weren't for his bad spine, he'd march right into YunoboCo HQ and give Yunobo a piece of his mind. He then tells Link where to find YunoboCo, hoping Link can drive some sense into him.[19]

After Yunobo is back to normal and the Marbled Rock Roast has disappeared, Yunobo will tell Bludo and Link about his encounters with Princess Zelda. He says that she told him not to go near the Lizard Lakes, to which Bludo is surprised to hear about. Bludo recalls an old nursey rhyme about them - One brother hunts what the other brother hides-two lizards fighting over what's inside. He had searched high and low for the lakes when he was younger, and thought there had to be a treasure there. However, Death Mountain soon exploded, and covered the area in lava. Bludo recommends looking halfway up Death Mountain, somewhere on the north side. He is ready to search...but injures his back again. This interaction begins The Hidden Treasure at Lizard Lakes side quest.