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TotK Offrak Slergo.jpg
Slergo (left) with Offrak in Tears of the Kingdom






Breath of the Wild
Goron City
Tears of the Kingdom
Goron City


Rohan (unclear relative)
Fugo (unclear relative)
Offrak (companion)

Slergo is a Goron child that appears in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Slergo lives at Rohan's smithy and wanders Goron City during the day.

Tears of the Kingdom

Slergo can be found in the center of Goron City, where Bludo is yelling at Krane for eating the Marbled Rock Roast. Soon after Yunobo appears, he leaves with Slergo and Offrak, who act as his assistants for YunoboCo. When Link arrives, Slergo and Offrak are standing guard for Yunobo, who is inside with Zelda. The two don't like the person Yunobo has become, so they let him into the cave under the condition that Link asks him to stop mining the roast.

Inside the cave, Slergo and Offrak plead with Yunobo to stop. After Yunobo's mask is broken and he returns to normal, Slergo tells Yunobo that the red haze started appearing at Death Mountain after the Upheaval. Yunobo went up there, but when he came back he was wearing his mask. Yunobo tells the two that he will return everything to normal, and tells them to wait at home. Immediately after, Link can talk to Slergo, who will say there are more monsters than usual since the red haze. They aren't scared though, because Yunobo's rumbleboom is more powerful than anything.

Once the Goron Regional Phenomena has been resolved, Slergo asks Bludo not to be mad at Yunobo, since he did put Goron City back to normal.