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Breath of the Wild
Goron City
Tears of the Kingdom
Goron City


Fugo (unclear relative/apprentice)
Slergo (unclear relative)

Rohan is a Goron blacksmith from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Rohan's smithy is the north-easternmost building in Goron City, just south-west of Shae Mo'sah Shrine. Fugo is his apprentice, and in awe of "Master Rohan", who he calls a "godly blacksmith".

If the Boulder Breaker is destroyed, Rohan will forge a new one for Link from a Cobble Crusher, plus five flint and a diamond.

Tears of the Kingdom

Rohan is one of the few Gorons to not be under the influence of the Marbled Rock Roast. He says that the Hylian blondie had him making weird things. She wanted a simple mask, but it looked funny and was made with an odd material. At the time his apprentice, Fugo, wanted to be like him, but now all he cares about is the roast. He wanted to finally pass along his ability to make Boulder Breakers, but is now unable to.

After the Goron Regional Phenomena, Rohan is arguing with Fugo, who still wants to make a Boulder Breaker. Rohan gives him a list of materials to create the weapon, which begins the Soul of the Gorons Side Quest. Rohan warns Link not to touch the Boulder Breaker nearby, but might let him have his own if Link brings him the materials.