Flame Guard

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Flame Guard
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Prevent Link catching aflame


Flame Guard is a protective effect in Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, used in volcanic areas where Link will literally catch fire without protection.

Ocarina of Time

The Goron Tunic is required in Death Mountain Crater and much of the Fire Temple for Link to exist indefinitely without catching fire and dying. Without it, he can only remain in these areas for eight seconds per full heart until he dies. This does not remove actual health and resets when he exits and reenters the volcanic area; but also does not increase upon picking up Recovery Hearts unless, again, he exits and reenters the area. Being revived from death by a Fairy does reset the timer, however.

It does not protect against direct flame, only volcanic heat.

Breath of the Wild

Flame Guard is virtually essential in much of Eldin, along with floors 7-11 of the Final Trials in the Trial of the Sword. It is also needed for the second part of the Test of Will Shrine Quest.

While Flame Guard does not protect against direct flame, the Fireproof Set Bonus of the Flamebreaker Set does.


The only armor in the base game with Flame Guard is the Flamebreaker Set, although one amiibo-exclusive piece of armor also possesses it:

Meals & Elixirs

Only one Elixir provides Flame Guard, and no meals.