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Goron Youth







Daruk (Grandfather)

Yunobo is a character in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity. Yunobo believes in himself and always tries to complete a task he is given. He says things like "I'll try!" in Age of Calamity, and will be much more happy once he helps Link with Vah Rudania in Breath of the Wild.


Breath of the Wild

Yunobo when he meets Link in Breath of the Wild

Link first meets Yunobo after saving him from a cave located in the Abandoned North Mine. Yunobo was in the mine to collect some painkillers for the Goron Boss, Bludo, as his back issues were complicating. Yunobo is grateful for Link rescuing him, and he returns to Goron City. Yunobo later assists Link in climbing Death Mountain, and taking down the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which was wreaking havoc on the residents in the city below. Rudania summons various Sentries, to which Yunobo claims he always gets caught[citation needed]. Link can use Yunobo as a cannonball to fire at Rudania, which doesn't harm Yunobo at all, since he can use his ancestor Daruk's ability, Daruk's Protection, to negate any potential damage. Once Rudania has been neutralized, Yunobo will return to Goron City and await Link's return.

Age of Calamity

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In Age of Calamity, he travels through time to save Daruk. He will help him defeat Fireblight Ganon. After this, Yunobo can be used as a normal character.