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This article is about the character Yunobo. For his boss battle, see Yunobo (Boss).
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Breath of the Wild
Goron Youth
Age of Calamity
Diamond in the Rough
Tears of the Kingdom
President Yunobo
Sage of Fire






Breath of the Wild
Abandoned North Mine (initially)
Goron City (home)
Bridge of Eldin
Death Mountain
Tears of the Kingdom
YunoboCo HQ
Goron City


Daruk (grandfather)
Sage of Fire (ancestor)
Yunobo (Boss)


Voice Actor

Joe Hernandez (English)

Yunobo is a character in Breath of the Wild, Age of Calamity, and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Yunobo when he meets Link in Breath of the Wild

When the corrupted Divine Beast Vah Rudania reactivated, it caused unnatural eruptions that disrupted work at the Northern Mine to which lava levels rose drastically and caused the said mines to close down. Determined to put a stop to its rampage, Bludo and Yunobo often kept it at bay, but try as they might, Vah Rudania kept returning for more.

Link first meets Yunobo after saving him from a cave located in the Abandoned North Mine. Yunobo was in the mine to collect some painkillers for the Goron Boss, Bludo, as his back issues were complicating. Yunobo is grateful for Link rescuing him, and he returns to Goron City to deliver the pain killers to Bludo, who is unable to join them when his back pain got the better of him. Yunobo later assists Link in climbing Death Mountain and taking down the Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which was wreaking havoc on the residents in the city below. Rudania summons various Sentries, to which Yunobo claims he always gets caught[citation needed]. Link can use Yunobo as a cannonball to fire at Rudania, which doesn't harm Yunobo at all, since he can use his ancestor Daruk's ability, Daruk's Protection, to negate any potential damage.

Once Rudania has been neutralized, Yunobo will see Daruk's spirit standing on Vah Rudania as Daruk also notices him which gives him relief that the Gorons are still thriving as Yunobo waves to him. He will return to Goron City and await Link's return and tell him that he saw Daruk and that he has gained his courage since their adventure, and they return to Bludo, who is surprised to see that the situation with Rudania has been permanently resolved just as his back had improved, which gave the impression that he was lying.

In Breath of the Wild, Yunobo believes in himself and always tries to complete a task he is given. He says things like "I'll try!" and will be much happier once he helps Link with Vah Rudania.

Age of Calamity

Yunobo - HWAoC.png

"Diamond in the Rough
A descendant of Champion Daruk, from the future. While he is a bit of a coward, he is brave when it counts. He fights for Hyrule and to save those he cares about.

— In-game description

In the Water and Fire Scenario, Yunobo travels through time to save Daruk from Fireblight Ganon by using his barrier to block off the large fiery rock to prevent fatal impact, which surprises Daruk that another Goron is using the same power as him.[1] Yunobo blocks the attack again and assures Daruk that he is here for back up.[2] As Fireblight Ganon intimidates them, Yunobo becomes frightened until Daruk returns the favor in the same manner, telling him to relax,[3] as Yunobo gets back into the fighting stance.[4] Yunobo's support to Daruk allowed Link and his friends enough time to reach them,[5] which is helped that Mipha was similarly spared and had neutralized the lava flow blocking the way. After Fireblight Ganon is defeated, Daruk thanks Link for helping them out and slaps his back, making Link jump forward,[6] and he proceeds to thank Yunobo for saving his life and also slaps his back.[7] When Sidon explains to the confused Mipha that he came from the future,[8] Daruk laughs dismissively,[9] before asking Princess Zelda about Hyrule Castle's fate.[10] Soon, Yunobo teams up with Daruk and as the latter deals with the Guardians aboard Vah Rudania, he gushes at Daruk's magnificence and addressing him as "Great Daruk",[11] though Daruk admonishes him for referring to him as such,[12] while Yunobo lets him know that he won't promise anything.[13] Daruk laughs as he shifts his focus on saving Eastern Hyrule.[14] Yunobo keeps a look out for danger and lets Daruk know what is happening and they decide to destroy the bridges to deter reinforcements and taking out their stronghold while preserving theirs and they eventually emerged victorious.

In the EX Battle for Kakariko Village EX Guardian of Remembrance Scenario, Yunobo handles the enemies on the ground while Daruk assumes control over Vah Rudania again to deal with larger forces, with their enemies consisting of Ganon's monsters and Sooga's Yiga militia that were invading Kakariko Village. Once they were dealt with, a crowd of Sheikah civilians cheer for the heroes, Yunobo notices Daruk glancing at him and panics and refuses to take credit for a job well done.[15][16] He goes on to tell the story of how he was once frightened by everything, up until a certain Hylian knight showed up and inspired him to be braver and stronger, but he believes that he still has a long way to go.[17] Daruk smiles as he takes Yunobo's arm and raises it into the air as the crowd applauds for them once more and lets Yunobo know that he is proud to have him as a descendant and he dubs him the Champion of the Future.[18] Yunobo didn't know what to say,[19] but Daruk adds that he should give his friend his regards when he returns to his own time,[20] which prompts Yunobo to smile widely.[21]

In the Relentless as a Waterfall Scenario, Yunobo and Daruk managed to arrive in the nick of time to help Sidon and Mipha with back up as Vah Ruta is starting to lose power during a tough battle. With the additional help from the Gorons, they managed to keep the line busy until the Hyrulean military fires the cannons to destroy the bridge as the Malice Guardians crossed onto them, making them fall with it. With the Guardians defeated, Akkala Citadel was successfully defended.

In the All Hyrule, United Scenario, the Champions, present and future, the Divine Beasts and vast armies of every race across the kingdom to Hyrule Field. Daruk is pumped for the fight,[22] and Yunobo is noticeably more confident as he is ready for the battle ahead of them.[23] With her surviving father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united Hyrulean army as she gives a speech that Hyrule is their home that must be defended and as long as they are not divided but united, they can't be stopped. They charge into the various outposts to take control of them, as well as destroying the monsters that are holding up the barrier surrounding Hyrule Castle so the Champions can open fire. Despite the Blood Moon's appearance reviving the fallen monsters, the army managed to slip through.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Princess Zelda leads the ground army as Revali and Teba lead the aerial forces as they charge into Hyrule Castle. Harbinger Ganon and its seer, Astor awaited their arrival as the latter is losing his mind, ranting that it was his fate to crush them under his heels. The Blight Ganons are faced off for the last time and are defeated forever, and they confront the villainous duo which they are victorious over them. Astor furiously orders the harbinger to devour them, only to be devoured by the Malice itself to transform into Calamity Ganon. Some of the Malice infects Terrako, turning it against Link and the princess. Once it was defeated, Yunobo and the Champions have a moment to mourn for it with Zelda, who is now angered and determined than ever to bring the abomination down, and they rush upstairs to where Calamity Ganon was waiting for them. The beast proved to be too much for the heroes initially to the point where Zelda tried to use her power to defeat it. It does, however, bring Terrako back to life which it immediately rushes upstairs and leaps between her and Ganon, penetrating Ganon's defenses and allowing the warriors to attack it effectively. When it was badly wounded, Link uses the Master Sword to slash Calamity Ganon and Princess Zelda uses her power to finally destroy him forever. As the kingdom of Hyrule rejoices, the Champions have a moment to enjoy the newfound peace they have worked to preserve as Terrako's blessed screw glows and sends Yunobo, Sidon, Teba, and Riju back to their own time. Daruk promises that he will always cherish their time together, even if it didn't last very long,[24] and Yunobo happily tells him that he is the best.[25] Princess Zelda promises that she will never forget what they have done for them and wishes for light to shine on their future for all time.

In the secret DLC ending, Yunobo and Daruk are seen sitting at the high cliff of the canyon at Death Mountain where they are enjoying a Rock Roast meal together, and they are later seen talking with the other Champions as Terrako amuses them.



Tears of the Kingdom

Main article: Yunobo of Goron City
TotK Yunobo.jpg

"A young Goron who once saved his home with Link. After helping Goron City, he turned his attention to mining the ore made accessible when Death Mountain stopped erupting. He formed YunoboCo from a group of admirers in order to bring continued prosperity to his people. He was once a kind and compassionate young Goron..."

— Character Profile

When Link arrives in Goron City, Bludo is yelling at Krane for falling victim to the Marbled Rock Roast. Yunobo soon appears, now known as President Yunobo. He notices Link's presence, and asks what he's doing in his city. Link explains the situation with Princess Zelda, and Slergo comments that it's the same lady with blond hair that Yunobo talks to about marbled rock roast. He dismisses the comment, saying that Goron City is the picture of peace and they can't help with Princess Zelda. Yunobo then leaves to YunoboCo HQ, as he needs to get more marbled rock roast and can't keep her waiting. This begins the Yunobo of Goron City Main Quest.

Outside the YunoboCo HQ, Link can talk to Slergo and Offrak, who say that he is talking to the blond lady right now. Offrak mentions that Yunobo got the weird mask he's wearing from that lady, and that he changed from his usual nice self after he started wearing it. Yunobo had originally created YunoboCo for mining and was supposed to be helpful for people who need ore, but ever since the roast came it has just been making things weird. Offrak lets Link into the cave, if Link will convince President Yunobo to stop mining marbled rock roast.

Inside the cave, Yunobo is talking to Zelda. Yunobo uses his body to destroy a nearby boulder, creating more marbled rock roast. After noticing Link's presence, Zelda talks to Yunobo more and more, making Yunobo confused and angry. He soon begins to attack Link, and Link breaks off the mask Yunobo has been wearing. Yunobo returns to his normal self, saying that everything has been a blur since he put on the mask. Zelda then appears at the entrance to the cave, and knocks down some marbled rock roast, blocking the entrance. Yunobo hears a voice, but doesn't know what it was saying. To get clarification on the situation, Yunobo wants to talk to Zelda, but needs to get outside the cave. The only way to break the rocks is with Yunobo's charge attack, but he can't see where he's going when he does it. This prompts him to give Link his power, granting Link Yunobo's Power of Fire.

Outside the cave, Yunobo spots a red haze coming from Death Mountain. Offrak tells him that Yunobo has previously said it was dangerous and to not go near it. It had shown up at the same time Hyrule Castle starting floating during the Upheaval. Yunobo was worried that Death Mountain might erupt again, so he went to check it out. After, he came back wearing the mask, and wasn't the same. Yunobo says he saw Princess Zelda at Death Mountain's crater, and she asked him to wear the mask. He suggests going up to the crater to find her.

Near the crater, Yunobo realizes it was the area he saw Princess Zelda. Soon, Zelda appears in front of them, looking down into the crater. Yunobo tries to speak with her, but she walks toward the eruption, which soon turns into Moragia. Link uses Yunobo's power, along with Zonai technology, to defeat it. With the Death Mountain Chasm in front of them, Yunobo jumps in after Zelda, with Link soon following.

Soon after entering, Yunobo hears a voice once again, asking him to Come to me.... The pair soon find the lost land of Gorondia, which doubles as the Fire Temple. The two see Zelda once again, disappearing into marbled rock roast. Inside the Temple, they see Zelda behind a barrier, who flies up into the ceiling and is surrounded by marbled rock. The voice talks to Yunobo again, telling him to unlock the five padlocks on the gate to progress. Link and Yunobo do so, with Link using Yunobo's power to hit five gongs throughout the Temple.

After the gate opens, Link and Yunobo enter the back room, where the Marbled Gohma drops from the ceiling and begins to attack them. Once it is defeated, a Secret Stone drops down from the ceiling. Yunobo touches it, and the two are transported to a cloudy area. Here, the previous Sage of Fire tells them who he is, and gives an explanation of the Imprisoning War. The Sage of Time - Princess Zelda - had come to him, and asked to give the Goron's power to aid Link. The Sage of Fire accepted, and passes along his secret stone to make this happen. Yunobo is at first worried that he won't be as good as his ancestor, but also doesn't want to let everyone down. He accepts the secret stone, and permanently gives his power to Link as the Vow of Yunobo.

The marbled rock roast begins to disappear from Goron City, and all the Gorons revert to their normal selves. Yunobo feels ashamed for who he became, and thanks Link for his help. Yunobo speculates about Princess Zelda, and thinks she was walking towards the monster by choice. Offrak ponders that maybe Princess Zelda was one of the bad guys - to which Yunobo remembers that the Sage of Time from the Imprisoning War looked a lot like Princess Zelda. His ancestor lived a long time ago, so that would be really weird if it were true. Thinking of the possibilities, Yunobo soon confuses himself. He says that he'll ask the crew at YunoboCo to help search for her in the area around the City. This completes the Yunobo of Goron City main quest.

Afterwards, Yunobo remembers something else about Zelda. When they were mining on the north side of Death Mountain, she said not to go anywhere near Lizard Lakes. Bludo remembers a nursery rhyme about the place, and gives a suggestion for how to search for treasure there. This begins The Hidden Treasure at Lizard Lakes side quest.


Voice Actors

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
English Yunobo Yunobo Joe Hernandez
Japanese (日本語) ユン坊 (Yun-bō) Yunobo Kumiko Watanabe (渡辺 久美子)
Miyuki Kobori (小堀 幸)
Russian Юнобо (Yunobo) Yunobo Prokhor Chekhovskoy
EU Spanish Yunobo Yunobo Carlos Lladó
LA Spanish Yunobo Yunobo Alan Fernando
Italian Yunobo Yunobo Alessandro Germano
German Yunobo Yunobo Christian Zeiger
French Yunobo Yunobo Donald Reignoux


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