Battle-Tested Guardian

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Battle-Tested Guardian

"This Guardian was created to protect Hyrule in an age long forgotten. Its battle scars call to mind fierce conflicts against ancient enemies. It is theorized that this is a specialized model, as it is much more powerful than other Guardians."

— In-game description

The Battle-Tested Guardian is a playable character in Age of Calamity's Pulse of the Ancients DLC pack (Wave 1 of the Age of Calamity Expansion Pass).

With the DLC purchased, it is unlocked by completing, in order:

  1. The Chapter 7 scenario "The Future of Hyrule"
  2. The Royal Ancient Lab Quests "The Ultimate Relic" and "The Relic of Legend"
  3. The Challenge "EX Alert: Forgotten Temple"
  4. The Royal Ancient Lab quest "The Battle-Tested Guardian"