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"Daruk is one of the Champions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He's not only a natural leader, but also a mighty fighter with a big heart. Well-loved by his fellow Gorons, Daruk is a powerful ally in helping Link vanquish the threat of Calamity Ganon."



Goron Stalwart







Yunobo (grandson)
Sage of Fire (ancestor)


Voice Actor

Joe Hernandez (English)




Daruk is a character in Breath of the Wild. He was the Champion of the Gorons chosen to pilot the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. His signature weapon was the Boulder Breaker.[1]

Breath of the Wild

Daruk once lived in Goron City and was a respected Goron Elder and a powerful warrior. Before Calamity Ganon's return, he was chosen by King Rhoam and Princess Zelda to become the Goron Champion and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. He kept a journal, which contains contents of his meals and friendship with Link and his inauguration as the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

When Daruk was a kid, he accidentally steps on the tail of a dog which angered it and he has other bad experiences with being pursued by dogs whenever they spot him, which even as an adult he still has panic attacks when he comes across a dog, even if they are friendly. Daruk used the Boulder Breaker to carve the valley at Gortram Cliff within a single night, which was to help the Gorons have better access to Rock Roast.[2] It was rumored that Daruk uses the Boulder Breaker to fan himself.[3]

Beginning with the first entry of his journal, Daruk doesn't like the term "diary" and calls it a Training Journal. He learned that journals are used to jot down events that happen and since Gorons prefer a simple lifestyle, he hopes that simple stuff counts as well. He decides to write about the Rock Roast that he got from Death Mountain's peak and wants to eat more of it soon.[4]

In the second entry, Daruk meets with several Hylians and their topic is mostly about Calamity Ganon. It reminds him of the Sheikah that dug up Divine Beast Vah Rudania at Death Mountain a few years back, and the Hylians state that it is a weapon that requires someone to learn how to control them. In the early days, the Gorons don't fuss about the relics that they couldn't eat, before deciding to find a Prime Rock Roast for dinner.[5]

In the third entry, when Daruk was tracking down lunch, he finds a young Hylian being attacked by monsters. He immediately heads down to help him out and is impressed with how he can handle a sword. When he arrived, the Hylian managed to slay all the monsters and he was even more impressed by his Goron-like strength. With Daruk distracted, he was almost ambushed by the monster and the Hylian managed to thwart this attempt, which embarrasses Daruk. He has a dopey look on his face and hopes that the Hylian did not see it.[6]

In the fourth entry, Daruk learns that the name of the Hylian he met earlier is named Link and he has quite the appetite and loves to eat fruit, vegetables, and meat. Something that Daruk believes that a decent person would never dream of eating. Link would cook about anything, and Daruk offered him some Grade-A Rock Roast to refine his palette. When he asked how it tasted, Daruk describes that he like it so much that he was left silent, which Daruk misconceived about Hylians eating rocks. Having an appetite wasn't the only thing that he and Link has in common, but that they are both strong. Link tells him that when he focuses, it is like time is slowing down, which Daruk grew to like Link more, stating that he is the type of person one can count on to cover their backs and share a meal with. Daruk decides to dub Link an official brother of the Gorons.[7]

During Princess Zelda's visit to Death Mountain to ask Daruk to become Divine Beast Vah Rudania's pilot. Daruk immediately accepts without question and assures her that she can always count on him, and he'll gladly lay down his life for the sake of the kingdom.[8] Zelda thanks Daruk as he goes on to explain the increase of monster attacks as of late and isn't sure if it was Calamity Ganon's doing and cautions her not to go outside the castle without a horde of powerful Gorons at her side.[9] Princess Zelda tells him that he sounds just like her father, and he is appointing a knight who will be guarding her and is said to be the most accomplished of all the other knights. Daruk realizes whom she is talking about and was about to say his name,[10] but he spots of horde of red and blue Bokoblins running across the road and ganging up on someone.[11] Daruk tells Zelda to stay away as he springs into action.[12] With a mighty swing of his Boulder Breaker, Daruk sent many Bokoblins flying and they fled from him as Daruk calls them spineless little Cuccos and declares that no one stands a chance against him as he laughs triumphantly,[13] as Zelda finds the subject that was attacked, and it was revealed to be a Hylian Retriever and it gratefully licks her face as she tells him that it was the one that was attacked and he saved its life. She finds Daruk shuddering in fear for a moment and when the dog barks at him, Daruk jumps as he drops his Boulder Breaker and curls up as Daruk's Protection becomes active, which has Zelda looking on with a puzzled look on her face. As the dog leaves, Daruk tells it to stay safe from that point on and apologizes to her that she had to see that side of him as he explains that dogs used to always chase him when he was a kid, and he still fears them.[14] Zelda didn't imagine that Daruk would actually have a weakness. Daruk then looks for reassurance,[15] from her that Calamity Ganon isn't a dog monster of some sort and the two ended up laughing.[16]

In the fifth entry, Daruk recounts Zelda's visit to Death Mountain to ask him to pilot Vah Rudania which he agreed to. Daruk doesn't say no to a sincere request and Zelda was pleased about it. He describes that there will be three other Champions who will pilot the Divine Beasts and a single swordsman who will face Ganon head on. With the princess included, Daruk totals the team of the strong six individuals who will fight the monster. Daruk was happy enough to offer the princess his rock roast. She politely thanked him, but he saw that she was holding back a grimace and thinks there is something foul on her mind.[17]

For Daruk to become a Champion, he must undergo the Divine Beast Tamer's Trial to prove himself worthy of taming the Vah Rudania. His trial has him fighting an Igneo Talus Titan, following the Glowing Rings down the mountain, and stepping into a Glowing Ring at the fiery Darb Pond.[18]

With all four Champions assembled, Daruk attends the ceremony alongside Link, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa as they were given their blue cloths to solidify their places. Daruk, alongside Mipha, wore theirs like sashes. After the ceremony comes to an end, the Champions hang out at the gazebo as Daruk tells them that these big occasions have him tuckered out,[19] as the other Champions, Mipha, Revali, and Urbosa are intrigued by Zelda's Sheikah Slate. When Urbosa talks about the Sheikah Slate's abilities to take photos, Mipha is fascinated as she asks Zelda for a favor. Purah gets everyone into place and instructs them into the desired position. With everyone in place, Purah snaps the photo, but Daruk managed to pull everyone in at the last moment.

In the sixth entry, recounts the events of the inauguration ceremony, and he hasn't spoken to Link in a while and he was happy to see him again which made his day. He heard that Link has been chosen to be Zelda's appointed knight and couldn't think of anyone better than him. He hears of a tale where one of the Guardians went berserk during a test run and it was firing lasers. Acting quickly, Link grabbed a pot lid and used it to deflect the blast, which smacked its weak point. Link's actions caught King Rhoam's eye, which gave him a good reason why he appoints him to guard his only daughter. Daruk expected nothing less of Link.[20]

Daruk suggested that Link should have his own ceremony as he is going to become Zelda's personal bodyguard. When the ceremony takes place with the Champions attending it however, it wasn't as optimistic as Daruk had hoped and he notes that she's making it sound like they've already lost.[21] Revali tells him off that the whole ceremony thing was his idea, though he is in agreement with him given how dismal it was and believes he is on the same page as the princess regarding Link.[22] Urbosa tells him to drop it, as she explains that Link is merely a living reminder of her own lack of success, which is how the princess sees him.[23]

Daruk had trouble controlling Vah Rudania, and Link and the princess went to Death Mountain to help make adjustments for him. In the seventh entry, Daruk recounts that despite being chosen to pilot Vah Rudania, he has struggling to learn the ropes and he was the only one struggling as the other Champions did better than him. He tries to ask Link for advice, though Link merely pushes him into Rudania so he can explore aimlessly. Daruk couldn't fully explain it but was able to get the results he wanted. He understands that he must learn from experience and it comes from hard work and never giving up. Daruk is grateful for learning this lesson and plans to treat him with gourmet sirloin Rock Roast.[24]

After Daruk starts to get better at handling his Divine Beast, and he is happy with the results as he and Link explore the area and is having a good time. He tells Link to let the other Champions know that they better eat their gravel if they are going to keep up with him and he takes a moment to enjoy the view and notes that the Gorons find the sirloin rocks to be delicious. He doesn't know too much on the subject of Calamity Ganon but regardless, he will fight for Hyrule to the death as he slaps Link, making him jump forward.[25] Daruk then congratulates Link on being Zelda's appointed knight and assures him that he will do fine as long as he knows that Zelda has a strong personality about her, but she is having some trouble seeing beyond the peaks.[26] The ground suddenly shudders as it caused boulders to roll down the mountain with one of them heading their way. Daruk stands his ground and brings out his barrier to crumble it. Daruk attempts to get back to the subject but he is soon bothered that the recent activity from Death Mountain as it had been quiet for decades and wonders why it would become active now. He then tells Link to dismiss what he said as he looks up, still remaining concerned whether or not this activity was natural.[27]

In the eighth and final entry, Daruk tells of how Link has been mostly watching over the princess while she is doing her research. It had been tough work, but she is noticeably happier and talks more as she is doing it, which has him believe that things are going just fine. He also heard that Link was able to open up about his problems as he was eating food the princess prepared for him and she also opened up right back when she tells him that they are the same despite their different situations. Daruk believes they are talking about their food preferences. Daruk realized that writing journals made him realize something about himself and it makes him hungry.[28]

Daruk and the rest of the Champions await the return of Link and Princess Zelda at the foot of Mt. Lanayru where the latter had been training at the Spring of Wisdom. Daruk tells her not to keep them in suspense any longer,[29] as she delivers the news that she didn't get the results she hoped for. Urbosa insists that she must move on, since wallowing in self-pity won't get her anywhere and anything could bring it out. Mipha was about to offer a suggestion to the princess when she uses her healing magic when the ground suddenly rumbles, prompting Revali to fly up to check out what was happening before he returns to them as Daruk deduced that Ganon had returned.[30] He then rallies the Champions to get to their Divine Beasts as soon as possible so they can effectively strike back and tells Link to head to Hyrule Castle.[31] Urbosa then tells Zelda to get somewhere safe, but she refuses as she wanted to help in the battle regardless of if she had her power or not.

Daruk's route to Vah Rudania has him going through the Lanayru Wetlands, which he took the Ternio Trail and Mountain Road the rest of the way up Vah Rudania. When Daruk arrived, Vah Rudania was already overtaken by Fireblight Ganon and he fights it with all his might, but it proved to be his downfall as the monster got the better of him. The Gorons were devastated by their loss of Daruk and added his visage to the Goron Stone Memorial to honor him.[32]

One hundred years later, Link returned to free the Divine Beast. Daruk's spirit greets him upon entering, stating that he is happy to see Link has finally arrived.[33] He shows Link where the map of Rudania can be found, and then explains that he must open all of the terminals within Rudania to free the beast.[34] Daruk often cheers Link on after each terminal is activated.[35][36][37][38] After opening all of the terminals and activating the main control unit,[39] Fireblight Ganon appears. Daruk once again provides Link with advice and encouragement as he battles the monster.[40] After the battle is over, Daruk appears before Link as a spirit and thanks him for defeating the monster and freeing both him and Rudania. He grants Link Daruk's Protection, which allows the hero to temporarily defend himself against attacks.[41] Daruk tells him that his power is with him while wishing him luck and asks him to give Princess Zelda his regards.[42] He then takes Rudania to the highest peak of Death Mountain and takes aim at Hyrule Castle. He takes a moment to enjoy the scenery and he wonders how the Gorons have fared since the tragedy until he catches sight of his grandson, Yunobo who is also staring up at him.[43] Daruk becomes overjoyed to see that the Gorons are still going strong,[44] as Yunobo waves back at him.

Once The Champions' Ballad DLC is active, Link can do EX Champion Daruk's Song Quest to go through the trials that Daruk himself when through. Once the trial is completed,[45] Kass will state that even the Champions are capable of fear.[46] Daruk's voice calls out to him as he was happy to see that he had done well and reduced his power's cooldown time, and tells Link that if he sees Calamity Ganon, he should pass the message "Good riddance, bacon breath" to it.[47] Daruk's Protection will be upgraded to Daruk's Protection +.

When Link repeats his fight with Fireblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm, Daruk will provide more dialogue. In the first dialogue, Daruk asks Link to relay a message to Yunobo that he himself was once as timid as him and to work hard, look out for his brothers, and eat plenty of rocks and he might be stronger than Daruk himself.[48] In the second dialogue, Daruk recalls the day he first met Link and he never thought that he would actually dub a Hylian with Goron-like strength his brother. Daruk also remembers how shocked he was and tells him that it's better that he doesn't remember it.[49] In the third dialogue, Daruk recounts his problems with dogs when he was younger, which he dubs a monster.[50] In the fourth dialogue, Daruk will tell Link about his training journal that he left behind and tells him to find it to help jog his memories if they are still a little hazy.[51] In the fifth and final dialogue, Daruk is impressed at how skilled he is and believes that he can defeat Calamity Ganon.[52]

Upon Link's return to fight Ganon, Daruk uses Vah Rudania's power to weaken the beast, by motivating him and telling Ganon to open wide as he fires his laser.[53]

After Calamity Ganon's defeat and Princess Zelda's freedom from her imprisonment, Daruk's spirit is shown with the other Champions and King Rhoam high above Hyrule Castle. After momentarily watching Link and Zelda depart, his spirit disappears along with the King and remaining Champions.

Age of Calamity

Daruk - HWAoC key art.png

"A Goron warrior who possesses the power to deflect attacks. He cares deeply for his fellow Gorons. Now, he is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Rudania."

In the Daruk, the Goron Hero Scenario, as Princess Zelda, with Impa and Link are recruiting four Champions to pilot the four Divine Beasts, they went to Death Mountain to ask him for his assistance. Daruk assures them that he never turns down a genuine request from his good friends,[54] but he brings up a problem that Divine Beast Vah Rudania is not on an easy spot as it is located at the heart of Death Mountain's crater in addition to the monster invasion along the trail there and only the boldest can brave the climb there.[55] He then rallies them to get to the summit to reach it.[56] They come across several monsters that are attacking the Southern Goron Mines and disrupting work there, so they decide to secure the area from further attacks by taking over outposts. After they defeat the Igneo Talus, Daruk immediately expresses his respect for Link due to him having similar strength and an appetite as big as his and he quickly dubs Link as his sworn brother of the Gorons. When they arrive at the crater, Daruk becomes excited to put Vah Rudania to good use.[57] Despite having some difficulty controlling it, Daruk managed to adjust to the controls as he rids the Goron Mines of the presence of the monsters. After the battle comes to an end, Daruk is happy to have pulled through an unexpected battle,[58] and he returns to the topic on his becoming the Goron Champion who pilots Vah Rudania and he tells them that he's on board with their plan,[59] and have Ganon beaten down to make sure Hyrule stays peaceful.[60] Daruk realized that his Hylian friends must have been hungry after having fought their way to the summit, and he gives Link his Prime Rock Roast, which Link bites into without complaint,[61] leaving Zelda and Impa flabbergasted, which Daruk believed that he forgot to give them Rock Roasts and promises he will bring more next time.[62]

In The Yiga Clan Attacks! Scenario, as Princess Zelda travels across Castle Town to help the Champions calibrate their Divine Beasts to allow easier control, Daruk forms a brother-sister bond with Mipha, who asks him for help with training so he will be prepared for tougher battles,[63] and Daruk accepts her request and adds that they need a knight strong enough to seal the darkness and haven't been found yet.[64] Mipha agree as she stutters,[65] as Daruk was about to inquire her if she found someone, he soon sees Link and chuckles and doesn't say anymore as to not bring her discomfort.[66] They are suddenly ambushed by the Yiga Clan, led by Sooga, who intends to take Zelda's life as Mipha, Daruk, and the knights take a fighting stance while Link and Zelda withdraw. The Champions fought back against the Yiga Clan and the monsters and pushed them further away from town. When they slew the Hinox inside the enemy stronghold, it was found to have been a diversion so that Sooga can attack Link and Zelda. After Link deflects three kunai from both Zelda and Terrako, both Sooga and the Yiga Clan retreat. Mipha and Daruk arrive as they laugh in amusement towards Terrako's anger at Link for stealing its opportunity to protect the princess.

In the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario, King Rhoam sent the Champions to Korok Forest to retrieve the Master Sword and find a knight worthy of wielding it. Upon arrival at the border, they find the forest to be under attack by various powerful monsters. Revali, despite the honor of being the Champion who is obligated to protect Hyrule, begins taking his frustrations out on Link and questions his leadership of them, which Daruk stands up to him, replying that whoever is the leader doesn't matter.[67] Revali dismisses Daruk by telling him that he is mistaken, and Vah Medoh is the key,[68] before he returns to taunting Link, until Urbosa had enough and sternly asks him how long they have to put up with his prattle.[69] Relenting, Revali summons Vah Medoh to destroy the worst of the monsters around the forest before he lets them know that they can now proceed and catches up to them. During their stroll, Mipha makes a statement on the fog, which Revali believes that they aren't making any progress and may be going around in circles.[70] Daruk then makes a snarky remark that he should fly up and lead the way,[71] which an annoyed Revali as he harshly reminds him that he still won't see through the fog and asks if he ever thinks before speaking.[72] Urbosa assures them that getting lost isn't the issue, but any kind of ambush in the forest. They eventually come across Hestu, who is desperately trying to get their attention and is relieved to see that someone actually sees him, much to Daruk's surprise to see him there.[73] Hestu is very knowledgeable of the paths which Daruk then asks him to guide him to the forest clearing.[74] Hestu then becomes apprehensive over the fact that the forest currently has a monster situation, as Revali remarks that he can get by without his maracas in his possession, but Urbosa tells Hestu to dismiss his words and offers to keep the monsters away from him, which Hestu happily complies. They encounter odd appearances of Malice that is created by the seer named Astor and maintained by his evil dark doppelgangers of the Champion pilots dubbed Hollows, with one of them being Daruk.[75] They defeated the Hollows to clear the way for Link and Princess Zelda, but the two of them are ambushed by Astor and his Hollows. Link managed to save Princess Zelda from the villains with the Master Sword emitting light, pulling it out, and defeating them with it. Daruk and the other Champions managed to catch up in time as the Great Deku Tree wakes up and shares his words with them. At this point, Princess Zelda begins to become more worried about her duties regarding her dormant power.

Daruk Champion - HWAoC.png

In the The Road Home, Besieged, the Champions are on their way back to Hyrule Castle when Princess Zelda starts feeling panicked over her inability to access her power. After a brief moment where Terrako plays her lullaby, they come across several monsters in their way at Crenel Peak, and they managed to end the siege. Daruk is seen with the Hylian knights as they cheer Link on as the latter eats various foods as Urbosa was giving Zelda a pep talk. Daruk and his friends are promoted as Champions of Hyrule, and they were given blue cloths with Daruk, along with Mipha, wearing theirs like sashes. After the ceremony comes to an end, they hang out at the gazebo where Impa and Terrako were getting into an argument, Mipha reminds Daruk of their earlier conversation,[76] and Daruk agrees to get down to it.[77] Mipha is grateful,[78] but she soon finds herself in an embarrassing situation when Link approaches her upon almost fully hearing her full intentions.[79]

In the Calamity Strikes Scenario, Daruk appears on the Eldin Sheikah Tower to find a place for Rudania when he hears a noise. As he looked in the direction of Hyrule Castle, which is now surrounded by Malice as Calamity Ganon has risen, he was horrified at the sight,[80] as the Sheikah Towers across Hyrule are powered down, cutting him off from the rest of the Champions. Link, Zelda, and Impa head back to Hyrule Castle in an attempt to save King Rhoam, who is trapped inside, but they were forced to flee. After Rhoam is seemingly killed by the Guardians as the trio escaped, Princess Zelda sinks into despondency over her perceived failure until Terrako plays her lullaby to summon the four Gates of Time which then makes their way to the Divine Beasts. Impa realizes that not all hope is lost and rallies them to head out and save the Champions.

In the Water and Fire Scenario, Daruk is stuck inside Vah Rudania as he fought with Fireblight Ganon and tried to land a hit on the monster and used his barrier to block its attacks.[81] Not long after, Fireblight Ganon lands a hard blow on Daruk's forcefield, shattering it and stunning Daruk to render him in a helpless state and tosses a large fiery rock to crush and incinerate him. Before all hope was lost for the Goron Champion, the Gate of Time from Terrako opens and Yunobo rolls in and uses Daruk's Protection to shield both Daruk and him at the last moment, much to Daruk's surprise to see that another Goron had the same power as him.[82] Yunobo tries to explain himself but shields again when Fireblight Ganon tried to attack him, and he lets him know that he is there for him.[83] With Vah Ruta's waterpower to cool and harden the lava flows blocking the path, Link and his friends managed to reach Vah Rudania. Yunobo becomes scared until Daruk uses his forcefield to return the favor and reminds him to stay calm,[84] and Yunobo remembers that he's here to save him,[85] as Daruk encourages him, before they see Link and his friends arrive in the nick of time and they opt to start the battle again.[86] Together they managed to slay Fireblight Ganon. After everything calms down, Daruk thanks Link for his help as he slaps his back, making the lighter Hylian jump forward,[87] and he also thanks Yunobo for coming to his aid as he also slaps him in the back which Yunobo barely flinched.[88] As Mipha asks Sidon if he really is her brother, which Sidon explains that he came from the future.[89] Daruk laughs it off,[90] before putting up a serious front to ask Zelda about Hyrule Castle's recent fate.[91] After learning what happened, Daruk and Yunobo team up to protect Eastern Hyrule aboard Vah Rudania and Yunobo becomes excited as he called him the Great Daruk,[92] though Daruk tells him not to address him by formal nicknames.[93] Yunobo tells him that he can't promise anything,[94] and Daruk shifts his focus on the battle ahead.[95] They destroyed the corrupted Guardians as Yunobo kept an eye out for enemy reinforcements and they destroyed the bridges to prevent the Guardians from crossing over, destroyed the enemy stronghold while protecting the allied stronghold, securing the area.

In the EX Battle for Kakariko Village Guardian of Remembrance Scenario, Daruk and Yunobo once again join forces, with the former on Vah Rudania, to help protect Kakariko Village from the monsters and Sooga and the Yiga clansman. After the battle, the crowd of Sheikah citizens cheer for their heroes as Daruk waves to them. Yunobo sees Daruk glancing at him, and he nervously refuses to take credit and tells him that he's the hero.[96][97] He tells the tale that he used to be a coward who was scared of everything, until he met a Hylian friend who gave him the inspiration to be stronger and braver than he used to be and even now he still has a long way to go.[98] Daruk grins as he takes Yunobo's hand and raises it as the crowd gives them another round of applause, before telling him that he is proud to have a descendant like him and calls him the Champion of the whole future.[99] Yunobo didn't know what to say,[100] while Daruk tells him to give his friend his regards,[101] which Yunobo smiles afterwards.[102]

In the Akkala Citadel Scenario, as Link and his allies were struggling to protect Akkala Citadel from the armies of Guardians and powerful monsters, Daruk and Yunobo arrive just in time to back them up which provided more time for Robbie and the Hylian knights to fire the cannon to destroy the citadel's only bridge just as the Malice Guardians cross over it and they managed to defeat them and save the citadel.

In the Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, Daruk is aboard Vah Rudania when he rushes to help Urbosa and Riju, who were on Vah Naboris, with dealing with more monstrous reinforcements alongside Mipha with Ruta and Revali with Medoh. It was this battle that turned the tides in favor of Hyrule; with Princess Zelda awakening her power to save Link from Astor and the revived Blight Ganons, Purah activating a failsafe to disable the Guardians around the area that made up the main unit in Ganon's army, and because Astor had betrayed the Yiga Clan by using the clansman as blood sacrifices to revive the Blight Ganons, Master Kohga and the surviving Yiga have joined forces with the Hyrulean Army. Much later on, King Rhoam and his Royal Guard were also found to have survived the encounter with the Guardians since Princess Zelda gave him the device, which was the Ancient Guardian Shield that defended them from the lasers and brought them an opportunity to flee from the occupied castle before the automations recovered.

In the All Hyrule, United Scenario, The Champions, present and future, the Divine Beasts, as well as the vast armies of every race have been summoned by Purah, who restored power to the Sheikah Towers and amplified them to bring them to Hyrule Field. Daruk is fired up for the battle,[103] as is the more confident and fearless Yunobo.[104] With her father's approval, Princess Zelda takes command of the united army and reminds them that the kingdom of Hyrule is their home that they must fight for to take it back which can only be done when they are not divided but united before they charge for the outposts around the area to take command of them as well as slaying the monsters that are maintaining Calamity Ganon's barrier. With these monsters down and Zelda's power further bringing it down, she commands the Champions,[105] Daruk, Revali, Urbosa, and Mipha to open fire.[106][107][108][109] Despite the appearance of the Blood Moon reviving the fallen monsters to hold them back, Daruk and the Champions push through.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, Princess Zelda leads the army on the ground as Revali and Teba led the air force as they charge into Hyrule Castle. They are confronted by Astor and Harbinger Ganon as the former begins losing his mind as he goes on a rant that destroying them and the kingdom is his fate. The warriors have managed to defeat the Blight Ganons forever before they defeated the villainous duo. Finally at his wit's end, Astor orders the Harbinger to consume his enemies, but as Sooga had warned earlier about Ganon not taking orders from mere mortals, Astor himself becomes consumed by Malice to take on a new form. Some of the substance infects Terrako, turning it against Link and the princess, forcing them to fight it. With Terrako in a damaged state, Daruk and the Champions arrive to mourn its broken state while Princess Zelda is angered and determined to end Ganon's reign of terror once and for all as they rush upstairs to the Sanctum where Calamity Ganon was waiting for them. Because of its successful reincarnation, Ganon constantly shrugged off their most powerful attacks which left Zelda to use her power to try to defeat it. Her magic brings Terrako back onto its feet and it rushes upstairs to sacrifice itself by jumping between her and Ganon bringing down the latter's defenses as the Champions are more determined than ever to destroy the monster and are able to weaken it with conventional attacks. Link then uses the Master Sword to cripple Ganon even more, with cheering from Daruk and Revali,[110] while Princess Zelda uses her power to destroy it for good. With Calamity Ganon gone, the people across the land rejoice as peace is restored to the land and the Champions take a moment to enjoy its former sight as Terrako's blessed screw glows and sends Yunobo, Sidon, Teba, and Riju back to their own time. Daruk promises Yunobo that he will always cherish the short time they had together,[111] as Yunobo praises him back.[112] Princess Zelda promises that their efforts will always be remembered and as they disappear, she wishes light in their future for all time.

In the Terrako's Return Quest, because of Terrako's actions that led to the positive outcome with the Champions surviving, their Divine Beasts on their side, and Hyrule standing strong despite the fact there is still much damage that needs to be cleaned up and repaired, Daruk and the warriors decide to repay its efforts by hunting for its fifty components and bringing them to the Royal Ancient Lab. Terrako is assembled, but it still isn't responding well leaving them to wonder if its working until Princess Zelda stood in front of it. After a minute, Terrako began to function properly, much to the Champions' relief,[113] as it was reunited with Princess Zelda. After that, Terrako travels across Hyrule where it met up with its allies. It pays a visit to Daruk in Goron City, and he jumps for joy upon seeing it again as it passes by. Daruk is seen again at Hyrule Castle with every warrior that partook in the battle and pulls the Champions in for a group hug.

In the secret DLC ending, Daruk and Yunobo are sitting on a high cliff on Death Mountain as they enjoy their Rock Roast meals and they are eventually seen talking among the other Champions, present and future as Terrako amuses them. Later Daruk and the Champions are at the Sheikah Tower, having all returned to their original attires, as they watch Princess Zelda jump off the platform and float away as Terrako joins her. Appreciating the scenery with Hyrule recovering well after the battle and the princess having become much more confident than she previously was, she makes a note that their efforts have all been well worth it.




Daruk is fast friends with Link since they first met at Death Mountain. Daruk is highly impressed with Link's swordsmanship, strength, and appetite to the point where he happily dubbed him an official sworn brother of the Gorons and often addresses him as "little guy". He is very supportive of the Hylian and he is happy to share a Rock Roast with him, even when Link's eating of one led him to believe that Hylians can eat rocks when it normally isn't the case.

Princess Zelda
Daruk is very respectful and professional with Princess Zelda when she came to visit him to ask for his assistance, usually addressing her as "tiny princess" as a show of respect. Princess Zelda is one of the very few people who knows that Daruk fears dogs when she noticed him trembling upon seeing it, but she doesn't judge or make fun of him for it. Daruk is noted to be concerned for her regarding her struggles with her training to access her power.

Daruk has a close friendship with Mipha, which is clearly shown in Age of Calamity when she asks for his assistance in training to be ready for stronger enemies going forward, with Daruk being very pleased about helping her out and he is implied to know that she has a crush on Link, but he never directly brings it up to her or around her.

Given how their personalities and how they view Link greatly differ, Daruk and Revali don't really get along whenever they interact as Daruk can be annoyed by Revali's rude behavior and general hostility towards Link, and Revali often snapping at Daruk in a snarky manner which makes them prone to bickering a lot. Despite the tension that sometimes occurs between them, Daruk greatly shows that he cares about Revali and still holds a level of respect for him as Revali exhibits moments where he can be polite to him during Age of Calamity's battle scenes.

Daruk and Urbosa seem to be close with one another as they are both concerned about the younger Champions and wanted to help them learn that they are the future of Hyrule. Also, during many of their battles together in Age of Calamity, they hold each other in high regard.

In Breath of the Wild, Daruk has only seen Yunobo which had gave him positive closure regarding the fate of the Gorons since his death. In Age of Calamity, Daruk and Yunobo meet immediately after the latter saves him from being killed by Fireblight Ganon. He forms a father-son bond with Yunobo and always tells him to stay calm in order to get him back into focus when he panics, and even lets him know that he doesn't appreciate formalities, though Yunobo makes it clear that he looks up to him and can't make promises he can't keep. After saving Kakariko Village, Yunobo doesn't feel a sense of pride due to his history of his cowardice up until he met Link in his time, but Daruk still tells him that he is proud of being his descendant and dubs him the Champion of the future to bring Yunobo back up.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Daruk appears as an Advanced Primary Shield-Type Spirit who can increase the weight of the user to make them harder to knock away. His battle has that of a stamina battle against Donkey Kong who begins the battle with an extra shield durability on the battlefield stage of Find Mii.


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Voice Actors

Language Name Meaning Voice Actor
English Daruk Daruk Joe Hernandez
Japanese (日本語) ダルケル (Darukeru) Daruk Kouji Takeda (武田 幸史)
Russian Дарук (Daruk) Daruk Alexander Gruzdev
EU Spanish Daruk Daruk Ramón Canals
LA Spanish Daruk Daruk Ricardo Tejedo
Italian Daruk Daruk Pietro Ubaldi
German Daruk Daruk Thomas Schmuckert
French Daruk Daruk Jeremie Covillault



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