Illusory Realm

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Illusory Realm
Link in Vah Naboris' Illusory Realm




The Illusory Realm is an area featured in Breath of the Wild. It is accessible during The Champions' Ballad DLC quest. Link can enter the Illusory Realm after exchanging three of Champion's Emblems of the specific area. Upon entering, Link will be faced with one of the forms of the Calamity Ganon, depending on the area. He will have a predetermined set of items to fight the boss, but will have access to all of his Key Items, including the Champion Medals, such as Urbosa's Fury.


Windblight Ganon

1 x Feathered Edge
1 x Falcon Bow
1 x Duplex Bow
1 x Phrenic Bow
100 x Arrow
5 x Bomb Arrow
1 x Wildberry
1 x Endura Shroom
1 x Raw Bird Drumstick
Snowquill Armor - all pieces enhanced to tier 2

Waterblight Ganon

1 x Lightscale Trident
2 x Ceremonial Trident
1 x Silver Bow
10 x Arrow
1 x Hyrule Bass
1 x Hylian Shroom
1 x Fleet-Lotus Seeds
Zora Armor - all pieces enhanced to tier 2

Fireblight Ganon

1 x Boulder Breaker
1 x Knight's Bow
5 x Ice Arrow
1 x Seared Steak
1 x Toasty Ironshroom
1 x Baked Apple
Flamebreaker Armor - pieces are not enhanced

Thunderblight Ganon

1 x Scimitar of the Seven
1 x Edge of Duality
1 x Daybreaker
1 x Shield of the Mind's Eye
1 x Voltfruit
1 x Zapshroom
1 x Raw Meat
Desert Voe Armor - all pieces enhanced to tier 2