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Hestu - TotK Character Profile art.png
Hestu character art from Tears of the Kingdom


Spirited Musician







Great Deku Tree (Surrogate Grandfather)


Voice Actor

Christina Vee (English)

Hestu is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild


Hestu is an oversized Korok who can initially be found along the path, north of the Dueling Peaks Stable and Kakariko Bridge, leading to Kakariko Village. When Link first meets Hestu along the road, Hestu is shocked that Link can actually see him, stating that nobody has been able to see him for 100 years.[2] This is presumably because Hestu resembles a small tree and likely fits the surroundings around him. However, unbeknownst to him, Agus appears to have seen him, though Hestu spooked him so he did not engage.[3][4] Hestu is an oversized Korok who calls the Great Deku Tree "grandpa".[5]

The Priceless Maracas

Main article: The Priceless Maracas

Hestu has a hidden power, but is unable to use it without his Maracas. The Maracas had been stolen by some Bokoblin just up the road and Hestu tasks Link with retrieving them.[6] This will begin the optional Side Quest titled The Priceless Maracas.

Up ahead on the path, just off to the right, Link will find a trio of Blue Bokoblins. After defeating them, Link can open the Treasure Chest to recover Hestu's Maracas. After collecting them, Link can return them to Hestu, who is delighted to have them back, but quickly realizes that the Korok Seeds inside them are missing. He tasks Link with retrieving the Korok seeds and in return, can use his power of inventory expansion to help Link.[7][8]

When Link collects a Korok seed by finding one of the 900 Koroks in the Overworld, he can return to Hestu and give it to him. In return, Hestu will offer to expand Link's inventory space.[9] Link can upgrade the amount of weapons, shields, or bows, that he can carry. Initially it costs just a single Korok seed to upgrade a spot, but it progresses from there, with Link needing more Koroks for later upgrades. All together, Link will need to find 441 Koroks to fully upgrade all of his inventory slots, although there are 900 of them in the Overworld.


If Link goes to the Korok Forest before ever talking to Hestu, he won't be found there.

Initially, Hestu can be found on the road leading to Kakariko Village. However, after Link upgrades two slots in his inventory, Hestu will note that the time is late.[10]

However, on his way back to Korok Forest, Hestu gets lost and will appear at Riverside Stable, Wetland Stable, and Woodland Stable. Link will need to find Hestu and after upgrading five more slots, Hestu will finally make his way back to the Korok Forest. If the player goes to the Korok Forest before speaking to Hestu and obtaining the inventory upgrades, the mound where he stands at the Korok Forest will be empty.

If Link goes to the Korok Forest directly without stopping at any of the aforementioned stables, Hestu will already have made his way to the forest[HT 1].

Hestu can be found at the center of Korok Forest, near the Great Deku Tree, where he will remain for the duration of the game. When Link has collected all 900 Korok seeds, Hestu will present him with Hestu's Gift.


Age of Calamity

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Hestu - HWAoC.png

"Spirited Musician
The musician of Korok Forest who loves to dance. He favours a set of maracas filled with Korok Seeds. Some believe his dancing possesses mystical power.

— In-game description




Tears of the Kingdom

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"A tree fairy with a song in his heart. He is only visible to certain people. The power of his dance can increase the size of Link's pouches, but he has trouble keeping track of the Korok seeds his magical maracas require."

— Character Profile Description

Hestu appears on the mountain up to Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower, a little past the New Serenne Stable. When Link finds him and speaks to him, he will begin the Hestu's Concerns side quest. Hestu is scared of the nearby trees, which are actually Evermeans. After Link defeats them, Hestu will offer to upgrade one of Link's pouches. Hestu is unable to do this, however, as his maracas no longer contain Korok Seeds. Once Link obtains a Korok Seed Hestu will upgrade a stash; either the Weapons, Bows, or Shield to have one more capacity.

After this encounter Hestu will travel east to reach another area. He can be found at the Lookout Landing where he will continue to upgrade Link's pouch capacities.



  1. Well, if you run into Hestu, please return this to him. - Korok
  2. Shalaka?! You! You can see me?! - Hestu
  3. A little while back, just on the other side of Lake Siela, I got spooked bad by this weird tree ghost, so I'm little jumpy. - Agus
  4. Take a look at that tree on the other side of Lake Siela... Did it just move, or are my eyes playing tricks on me? - Agus
  5. I need to get back before Grandpa yells at me. Shoko... - Hestu
  6. It's been 100 years since anyone has been able to see me! I'm Hestu, and I need your help! Those monsters over there stole my beloved maracas! I think they're still there on the other side of those rocks. I can't use my powers without them. Shoko... So please! PLEASE get my maracas back from them! - Hestu
  7. SHALA-KALA! Those are... Those are my maracas! Please giiiiiive them to meeeeeeeee! - Hestu
  8. But wait! There's something wrong with my maracas! The Korok seeds inside are gone! How am I supposed to dance now? Shoko... If I had just one Korok seed, I could sing, dance, and use my powers to help you.You see, I have the power of inventory expansion. So let me know if you find some Korok seeds! - Hestu
  9. The children of the forest must have taken the Korok seeds from my beloved maracas. I never thought I'd be the target of one of their pranks. Shoko... *sniff* But wait... *sniff sniff* Do you have a Korok seed?! You do! You got a Korok seed from one of the forest children! If you'll give me just one Korok seed, I'll make your inventory bigger in return! - Hestu
  10. Oh! Look at the time! I need to get back before Grandpa yells at me. Shoko... Sorry, I have to go. But I still need Korok seeds, so bring some to Korok Forest if you find any! - Hestu