Hestu's Concerns

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Hestu's Concerns
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Speak with Hestu in the North Hyrule Plains before completing a dungeon OR Speak with Hestu in Lookout Landing afterward.


Give Hestu at least one Korok Seed for his maracas


Inventory Capacity Upgrades from Hestu




Hestu's Concerns is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


At Lindor's Brow, Hestu is scared of the trees where. When Link investigates, he finds they are actually Evermeans, tree-like monsters. After Link defeats them, Hestu offers to upgrade his inventory capacity, but needs Korok Seeds for his his maracas to do so.


To fully complete the quest, at least one Korok Seed is required.

Note that if Link completes a dungeon before meeting Hestu, Hestu will move to Lookout Landing. While the Side Adventure will still trigger when he is spoken to, the part with the Evermeans will be skipped, and the quest will merely involve him being bored and wanting to dance, but missing Korok Seeds. It will still complete as soon as Link upgrades a stash. To do the full quest, Link must meet him at Lindor's Brow before completing a dungeon.


If Hestu is found at Lindor's Brow:

  • North of the New Serenne Stable, Hestu can be found a little ways up the mountain. Speak with him and he will say he's scared of the nearby trees.
  • Walk over to the two nearby trees and they will reveal themselves to be Evermeans, enemies that mimic actual trees. Use an Axe weapon, Fire Fruit Arrows, or another viable method to defeat them.
  • Return to Hestu and he will notice the enemies are gone.

The rest is the same regardless of where he's found:

  • Hestu offers to upgrade your pouch, but cannot as his maracas don't work. They no longer contain Korok Seeds needed to complete the process.
  • If Link has not already obtained a Korok Seed, he will have to obtain one by finding a hidden Korok.
  • Once Link has a Korok Seed, Hestu will offer to upgrade a stash - either Weapon, Bow, or Shield. Upgrading one stash will complete the side quest

Adventure Log

Step Description
You ran into the Korok Hestu at the foot of Lindor's Brow. He's afraid of something and has stopped in his tracks. There are trees where he pointed, but what could he be so afraid of?
Hestu lost the Korok seeds that were in his maracas. It sounds like it may have been the children of the forest who took them. If you collect Korok seeds and bring them to Hestu, he says he will help you by expanding your inventory.
You gave Hestu a Korok seed. As thanks, he sang and danced to expand your inventory. He also told you that if you bring him more Korok seeds in the future, he will continue to expand your inventory.