The Priceless Maracas

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The Priceless Maracas




Speak to Hestu


Return Hestu's Maracas and give him Korok Seeds


Ability to expand inventory slots




The Priceless Maracas is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Travel north from the Dueling Peaks Stable, beyond the Kakariko Bridge on the road to Kakariko Village. Hestu can be found on the side of the road and speaking to him will begin the Side Quest.


When Link first speaks with Hestu, he is surprised to see him. He tasks Link with defeating the Blue Bokoblin up ahead to return his Maracas.[1]

The Bokoblin camp ahead has three Blue Bokoblins. Once they are defeated, Link can open the treasure chest to get Hestu's Maracas. Upon returning them, Hestu will initially be excited, before realizing they are missing the Korok Seeds inside. He tasks Link with helping him find the seeds that go inside the maracas.[2][3]

After finding at least two Korok seeds, Link can return them to Hestu. Hestu will then increase Link's inventory slot and this will complete the quest. Hestu will now move along and can be found at either the Riverside Stable, Wetland Stable, or Woodland Stable where Link can exchange more Korok seeds. After five additional upgrades, Hestu will reach his final destination at the Korok Forest.

Although only two inventory upgrades are required to complete this quest, Link can upgrade significantly more inventory slots by finding Koroks seeds. Korok seeds can be found all over Hyrule using our Interactive Map. Although this quest is complete, Korok seeds are a collectible in their own right with 900 of them in the Overworld. For more information, see our walkthrough page.


  1. It's been 100 years since anyone has been able to see me! I'm Hestu, and I need your help! Those monsters over there stole my beloved maracas! I think they're still there on the other side of those rocks. I can't use my powers without them. Shoko... So please! PLEASE get my maracas back from them! - Hestu
  2. SHALA-KALA! Those are... Those are my maracas! Please giiiiiive them to meeeeeeeee! - Hestu
  3. But wait! There's something wrong with my maracas! The Korok seeds inside are gone! How am I supposed to dance now? Shoko... If I had just one Korok seed, I could sing, dance, and use my powers to help you.You see, I have the power of inventory expansion. So let me know if you find some Korok seeds! - Hestu