Riverside Stable

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The Riverside Stable is a location from Breath of the Wild. It is one of fifteen stables that are located across Hyrule.

Nearby Side Quests

Wahgo Katta Shrine

Main article: Wahgo Katta Shrine

The Wahgo Katta Shrine can be found just north of the Riverside Stable. The shrine is titled Metal Connections, and it requires Link to rearrange metal blocks and a metal plate. Doing so allows Link to climb up to the top of the altar and meet Wahgo Katta to get the Spirit Orb.

Resolve and Grief

Main article: Resolve and Grief

Link can speak with Pikango at the Riverside Stable, who is painting a picture of Death Mountain. After showing him a picture as part of the Captured Memories main quest, he immediately recognizes the location as Lake Kolomo, just west of the stable. The precise location is at the edge of the forest, just west of the lake, looking back towards the lack with the Dueling Peaks in the background. This leads Link to recall the Resolve and Grief memory.