Temple of Time (Breath of the Wild)

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This article is about the ruined Temple of Time on the Great Plateau from Breath of the Wild. For the intact Temple of Time on Great Sky Island, see Temple of Time (Tears of the Kingdom). For other uses, see Temple of Time.
Temple of Time
Temple of Time Ruins

The Temple of Time is a location found in Breath of the Wild. It later appears, further degraded, as the Temple of Time Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The temple is located near the center of the Great Plateau and is one of the first landmarks that Link finds when he awakens from the Shrine of Resurrection. The Temple is in ruins, having been ravaged by the Calamity Ganon. It is missing walls, has broken windows, and a significant portion of the roof has caved in. Many Bokoblins can be found roaming the area surrounding the Temple of Time.

After Link has acquired the Spirit Orbs from the Oman Au Shrine, Ja Baij Shrine, Owa Daim Shrine, and Keh Namut Shrine, the Old Man will appear. He tells Link to imagine an X on his map, with the four shrines as the end points. The Old Man wants Link to meet him at the point where the lines intersect.[1] This location corresponds to the Temple of Time.

At the back of the temple, a Goddess Statue can be found, and Link can choose to pray to it. If Link returns to this location after obtaining at least four Spirit Orbs, he can choose to exchange them for either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.

After acquiring either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel, the Old Man will call out from on top of the Temple and asks you to join him.[2] On top of the Temple, the Old Man will reveal himself to be Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, the last King of Hyrule. King Rhoam will tell Link of what had happened 100 years ago. He will tell Link to Seek Out Impa at Kakariko Village before then giving Link the Paraglider, allowing him to leave the Great Plateau.

Points of Interest

  • There are two treasure chests near the temple, with the one being right near the entrance containing a Traveler's Bow. The second is on top of the temple and contains a Soldier's Bow; the presence of this bow is not dependent on Link clearing the Great Plateau in spite of its reward-like appearance during the conversation with King Rhoam, so as it is, the bow can always be reached before this point in the story.
  • There are some ruins in front of the Temple where Link will find a treasure chest that contains the Hylian Trousers.
  • Just to the west of the temple is a pond with a Rusty Broadsword on top of the island. At the pond there is a crumbling wall that Link can blast open with a bomb. Behind it there is a treasure chest that contains an Opal gem.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Examine the fairy lights at the top of the Temple of Time.

At the Temple of Time, there is a ladder on the east side of the building that you can climb to get to the roof. Head to the north to reach the steeple, then proceed to climb on top of it and up the rod. At the very top, examine the Fairy Lights to find the Korok.

Examine the fairy lights on the top of the Woodcutter's Cabin.

Climb on top of the Old Man's hut and interact with the Fairy Lights.


Tears of the Kingdom

Main article: Temple of Time Ruins

In Tears of the Kingdom, the eastern wall has almost entirely collapsed, and the location is now known as the Temple of Time Ruins. In the tower room where Link once received the Paraglider from King Rhoam's ghost is a chest with Nostalgic Fabric. If Link attempts to pray to the Goddess Statue, he instead hears "I am trapped...under the water...behind the stone gate...of the great plateau..."


  • The design of the Breath of the Wild Temple of Time resembles that of the Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time.
  • There's little to no reference within the game related to the battle during the Calamity that led to its destruction, or to account for the ruins in the Great Plateau.


  1. Imagine an X on your map, with the four shrines as the end points. Find the spot where those lines intersect. I shall wait for you there. - Old Man
  2. The blessing of the Goddess has made you that much more resilient, I see... Here I am... Get up here-quickly! - Old Man