Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

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Kaam Ya'tak Shrine

Kaam Ya'tak Shrine, also known as Trial of Power, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.

This shrine is located in the southwestern part of Hyrule Field, immediately southwest of the Central Tower.


  • Bow and Arrows

Trial of Power

Use Magnesis to grab the rock that is chained to the large boulder. Pull it back and release, which will cause the large boulder to smack into the doors, opening the pathway. In the next area, there are some spiked balls. Link can run right pass the first one, but the next four will continuously roll by. Use Magnesis or Stasis to drop the balls and get by.

A pair of Guardian Scout IIs await in the next area. Defeat them and open the nearby treasure chest to get an Edge of Duality. Link can shoot the hanging lantern down, or use a fire based weapon to burn all the leaves in the area. This will burn the wooden platform, causing the large boulder to roll down and smash through the next set of doors. Turn the corner and open the treasure chest to get a Knight's Broadsword or Royal Broadsword.

Climb the steps and follow the path to find a pair of Guardian Scout IIs. Continue onward and you'll find a rotating platform on the ground. Use Stasis so that you can safely run across without falling down. Run all the way ahead and open the treasure chest to get an Ancient Core.

Turn around and you'll find a motion control terminal on the higher ledge. Use motion controls to take control of the large hammer. Smash the small ball, which will in turn hit the large boulder. Repeat this twice so the large boulder breaks the two wooden crates. Then hit it a third time and the large boulder will fall down the hole and smash through the doors.

Run ahead and you'll find a floor switch across the gap. There is a lit torch right next to the floor switch. Dip an Arrow into the torch to make a fire arrow and then shoot the leaves that are on the other side of the gate. This will burn the wooden platform, causing a ball to repeatedly fall down into the abyss.

The goal is to launch that ball over the gap, onto the rotating platform and through the large doors. In order to do this, Link will need to use Stasis on the rotating platform on the ground. Then right when the ball is falling down, step on the floor switch, creating a ramp and launching the ball over the gap. If done at the right time it will roll across and smash through the doors.

In the next area, step on the floor switch to open the gate. Then use Stasis on the object in front of you. Hit it with a weapon until the arrow turns red. When Stasis is release, it will open the large doors up ahead. Before going any further, turn around and you'll find some blocks that can be blown up. Do so and open the treasure chest around the corner to get a Silver Rupee.

Run up ahead and stand on the tile to hit the crystal switch, causing the platform to launch Link up ahead. Before going to the altar, be sure to land on the lower platform and open the treasure chest here to get a Diamond gem. Launch yourself up again and speak with Kaam Ya'tak at the altar to get a Spirit Orb.



During the E3 Treehouse Presentation, the shrine was referred to as Kam Yatakh.