Eastern Abbey

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Eastern Abbey

The Eastern Abbey is a ruin that surrounds the Ja Baij Shrine on the Great Plateau. The Abbey contains many destroyed guardians as well as some broken, but active Decayed Guardians. These turret like enemies guard the three accessible paths to the shrine and are deadly if not evaded properly.

The Abbey is the first location encountered by the player with active Guardian-type enemies, and if the Shrine is approached at night, it will unequivocally spawn Stalkoblins.

Points of Interest

  • Ja Baij Shrine - Located within the ruins, the shrine is well guarded by several Guardians. The entrance is blocked off by boulders, so Link will need to have those blocks destroyed by a Guardian, or he'll need to climb over the wall to access the Shrine.
  • Just outside of the Ja Baij Shrine, there is a DLC treasure chest that was part of the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass. This treasure chest contains the Nintendo Switch Shirt. This T-shirt is for cosmetic purposes only as, with a base defense of 1, it is functionally identical to the Old Shirt that Link likely already has.
  • At the northwest part of the ruins, there is a small pond with a treasure chest. Using Magnesis, Link can pull up the treasure chest to find an Amber gem.
  • A Soldier's Broadsword can be found at the top of the ruins, just east of the Ja Baij Shrine, right at the edge of the Great Plateau.