Keeha Yoog Shrine

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Keeha Yoog Shrine



Northeast side of the Gerudo Summit on the Gerudo Highlands








Keeha Yoog Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: Cliffside Etchings

Main article: Cliffside Etchings

Speak with Geggle over at the Tabantha Bridge Stable to start this quest. During the daytime he's on a higher ledge, just south of the stable, looking out towards the Gerudo Summit. Geggle can spot a suspicious etching on the cliff that when examined from closer, looks like it has some thunderbolt markings on it. Ride the nearby wind geyser, or glide from the far northwest of Vatorsa Snowfield, to get a clear shot. Shoot the center of the etching at the shrine pedestal with a Shock Arrow to reveal the shrine.

Keeha Yoog's Blessing

The shrine itself is just a blessing shrine. Open the treasure chest to get a Diamond. Then run up to the altar and speak with Keeha Yoog to get a Spirit Orb.


Travel Gate

The shrine's travel gate provides a mid-point access to the Gerudo Highlands, as it's the only shrine that has a somewhat centralized position in the mountain range. It also provides access to the northern slope of the Highlands, which are a relatively featureless area.