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Geggle is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Geggle can be found hanging out at the Tabantha Bridge Stable. During the day he runs out onto the cliff, south of the stable. Geggle can be seen staring off in the direction of the Gerudo Summit, where he sees something suspicious.

Geggle appears to be a bit saddened by his older age. He thinks about his youth, where he would go off on an adventure in search or something fascinating. Yet now, he's condemned to a short future, due to his old bones.[1]

Each day at 8am, Geggle will get up and will run over to the location just south of the stable, looking for something to pique his curiosity.[2] After spending the whole day out, he will head back to the stable at midnight each night. At this point he sits down at the stable, alongside Chork and Toren. He spends the whole day awake, only sitting down to rest for a few hours each night.[3]

Cliffside Etchings

Main article: Cliffside Etchings

After talking to Geggle, he will point to a section of the cliff where he sees something that appears to be man-made.[4][5] He mentions that if were chock-full of energy like an adventurer, he would climb up the cliff and take a closer look.[6][7]

This will begin the Cliffside Etchings shrine quest. Link can climb up the Cliffs of Ruvara, as there is a gradual slope leading up to the etching that is on the wall of the cliff. When Link gets near, there is a massive wind geyser that Link can use to glide his way up to the top. While riding the wind geyser with the Paraglider, Link can take out his bow and shoot a Shock Arrow at the center of the etching on the wall. It is very precise and it is easiest if using a bow that can hit distant targets, such as the Golden Bow.

When Link hits the target, the Keeha Yoog Shrine will appear, completing the shrine quest. The shrine itself is just a blessing shrine with a treasure chest that contains a Diamond. Speak with Keeha Yoog at the altar to get the Spirit Orb.



  1. When did I get so old? If I still had my youth, I'd be off in a flash, in search of something... fascinating. But this prison of old bones has condemned me to a short future of staring off into the unknown. - Geggle
  2. Well, well..if it isn't the all-knowing young man. I'm in the market for a little something to pique my curiosity, so I spend my time gazing into the horizon. - Geggle
  3. Another day come and gone. No excitement to speak of. Just passing the time...Looking off into the distance. - Geggle
  4. Hmm? What is it, my smart man? - Geggle
  5. Hmm... What could it be? I happened to notice that a section of the cliff face there in the distance looks almost man-made. - Geggle
  6. My smart man, tell me... You can see it too, yes? I would take a closer look if I could get there on my own. - Geggle
  7. Ah, well if it isn't my smart man. That section of cliff, of in the distance... It almost looks man-made, no? If I was as chock-full of energy as an adventurer, I would climb that cliff and take a closer look in a heartbeat. - Geggle