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Rucco Maag Shrine










Rucco Maag Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is located northeast of the Samasa Plain in the middle of a small maze of thorns just east of the Rutala River. It can be reached by paragliding south of the Ruto Mountain, heading east from the Mezza Lo Shrine, or paragliding to the northwest from Mount Lanayru. There are also several Lizalfos close to it, necessitating either stealth or slaying them to go through the maze unimpeded. The maze may be skipped by using Revali's Gale, or otherwise paragliding from a taller point.

The maze is somewhat obscured by tall grass that can't be burned away. The maze's southeast and west entrances lead to the shrine, while the northwest entrance is closed off.

The shrine's travel gate doesn't provide any noteworthy vantage points, but it stands at the interior of Lanayru Bay bearing east. Due to the fact that the thorn maze doesn't disappear once the shrine is cleared, using its travel gate requires clearing the maze to get out.

Five Flames

This puzzle involves lighting torches at a distance, which the easiest way is with fire arrows. You can also create a fire (drop flint and wood, hit with a metal weapon), and then stand near the fire with regular arrows. Be careful if your bow is wooden as it can catch on fire too. The goal here is of course, as the name says, to have all five flames lit at once.

The diamond shock switches will turn the cube, and if a torch gets dunked, it is of course put out. So the trick's to not dunk any torches.

From the starting position, this is actually pretty easy. When standing next to the shock switches:

  • Light the two torches that are on the right, touching each other.
  • Hit the horizontal shock crystal (the one on the right).
  • Light the torch on the left.

Or if you're having trouble lighting the switches with an arrow simply hit the switches in the following order, while facing the water:

  • bottom
  • front (the switch right in front of you)
  • left
  • left (again)
  • front
  • right

And you're done. If you need to return it to the start position first, simply leave and return.

There is a way to take the water spout completely out of the equation so you can light the torches without having to worry about any of them being dunked. Before you have lit any of the torches, hit the top shock switch with an arrow. This will rotate the cube so the water spout is facing downward. Now all that is left is to light the remaining torches.

Before you scurry over to the altar though, don't forget the two treasure chests on the far wall. Pull them down with Magnesis, or use Cryonis to give you a boost up, or set their ledges on fire to drop them down and collect the contents (Opal and Silver Bow). Now head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.