Sah Dahaj Shrine

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Sah Dahaj Shrine



Near the north tip of Cephla Lake in Eldin Canyon








Sah Dahaj Shrine, also known as Power of Fire, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is located on the northernmost shore of Cephla Lake. An underwater pathway can be taken to reach it from the outcrop facing the western side of the lake directly north of the Foothill Stable. There may be Octoroks in the lake's water.

Power of Fire

In the first room, hit the torch on the left side to knock it down, causing the flames to burn all the leaves, revealing a passage to the next room. Alternatively, Link can toss a bomb to light the leaves on fire. In the next area, defeat the Guardian Scout II and climb the ladder.

Use your bow to shoot the lantern up above, lighting everything on fire and revealing a passage to the next room.

In this final room, there is a treasure chest up above on the right side. Shoot down the lantern to set the leaves on fire, causing the treasure chest to drop down. Open it to get either a Knight's Bow or Royal Bow.

At the back end of the room, there are two boxes behind a gate, with a switch in between them. Knock the torches down with arrows to burn all the leaves and the boxes. The large slab will fall onto the switch, opening the nearby door. Run over to the altar and speak with Sah Dahaj to get the Spirit Orb.