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Gero Pond is a location in Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Gero Pond is a small body of hot spring water, found along the path just north of the Maw of Death Mountain. The path is patrolled by an enemy Guardian Stalker that will attack Link when he draws near. Like most bodies of water in the area, the pond has very warm water which will soothe Link's wounds when he swims in it, restoring his health.

While most of the water is too shallow for any fish-life, there are some Sizzlefin Trout that can be found in the deeper water. Additionally, in the center of the pond, there are a circle of rocks. If Link tosses another rock in the middle of the circle, a Korok will appear.

There is a Guardian Stalker that patrols this area.




Nearby Korok Seeds

The seed platform is to the southwest, at the top of the tall rock pillar arching over the road. Glide and climb to the ring.

Glide and climb to the ring from the seed platform at the top of the rock pillar to the southwest.

Throw one of the rocks into the rock circle.

Throw a rock into the circle.

Tears of the Kingdom

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