Broca Island

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Broca Island is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Broca Island is located at the far northeast end of Lake Intenoch within the Eldin province. The water that surrounds the island is very warm and will restore Link's health if he submerges within it. On the island itself, there is a block puzzle that leads to a Korok Seed. The missing block is just southeast of the island and the solution of the block puzzle is on the wall to the east. Use Magnesis to put the block in place to get the Korok to appear.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Find a nearby small rock just to the west underneath a Bokoblin camp. Bring it over to the stone circle and drop it in place to reveal the Korok.

Complete the rock circle using the rock near the Bokoblin camp to the west.

Complete the Magnesis cube puzzle. The metal cube is located on the eastern edge of the canyon floor, the template on the northeast side of the pond, and the puzzle is found on the island center.

Solve the block puzzle.

Break the wall, then lift the stone.

There are bombable rocks in an alcove, visible when approaching from the west. Break the bombable rocks, then lift the stone to reveal the Korok.

Tears of the Kingdom

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