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Tah Muhl Shrine










Tah Muhl Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


A torch or any flameble weapons

Shrine Quest: A Landscape of a Stable

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Speak with Mayro at the Foothill Stable to begin the quest. Mayro is staring at a painting with Death Mountain and the Foothill Stable shown in the background. A shrine can be seen at the far left of the painting and if Link goes to this location, he will find the Tah Muhl Shrine. Activating the pedestal will complete the shrine quest.

Passing the Flame

Straight ahead there is some ivy growing on a wall. To the right there are some lit torches. Link can use a burnable weapon to light it on fire and then light the ivy. This will cause it to burn down, also burning the wooden crates behind it, revealing a path. Alternatively, Link can use bombs to blow up the opening.

In the next room, turn to the left to find a locked door. There are some vines near the door and Link can light them on fire. This will cause the wooden platform above, along with the treasure chest to burn up. A Small Key will drop down to the floor. Link can use Magnesis to grab it and pull it over the gate. Then Link can use it on the locked door to reach a treasure chest that contains a Ruby.

There are two more optional treasure chests in this room. One is easily visible on top of three wooden crates. Link can burn down the crates or break them with bombs. The treasure chest contains an Opal gem. The second treasure is to the right of the altar, on the lower floor. Burn the ivy to discover the treasure chest, which contains either a Cobble Crusher or Stone Smasher.

In order to reach the altar, burn or blowup the crates that are holding the ramp up. Then climb the ramp and speak with Tah Muhl to get the Spirit Orb.