Shora Hah Shrine

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Shora Hah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Getting to the shrine is a minor puzzle. Just north of Goron City are a set of rails and mine carts. Set up the mine cart by placing it correctly on the rails, and drop a bomb into the hole at the back of the cart - detonating the bomb makes the cart move. Keep dropping and detonating to pick up speed, being careful not to jolt the cart and send Link flying. Eventually, Link will arrive at the shrine. A second method is to paraglide onto the isle from a higher point. From there, Link can climb down the front of the island, around the lip of the entryway, and along the interior wall until solid ground is close enough to jump/glide to.

Blue Flame

Firstly, use Magnesis to lift the spiked block up and continue to the unlit lantern, then take a left. If Link is quick enough, then he can even use Stasis to get a little more time, while making sure not to get crushed by the falling spikes.

Next, slide the blocks to reach the chest, containing a Knight's Bow (a Royal Bow, if the World Level has progressed enough). Slide them once again to reach the stairs, and subsequently the blue lantern. If Link does not possess a wooden weapon, pick up the Torch beside the lantern (if you are uncomfortable dropping one of your weapons, you can still pick up the Torch, and after having lit the last set of lanterns, you can glide back down and exchange it for your previous weapon before walking up the steps to the altar and exiting the shrine). After having lit the torch (or one of Link's wooden weapons), cross the bridge Link just made, return to the unlit lantern, and light it to open the gate ahead. Make sure not to sprint, as Link will unequip his weapon. Alternatively, you can use a normal arrow lit from the lantern to shoot the unlit ones.

From here, Link must light the lantern found past the waterspouts. You can simply crouch and avoid the flowing water, hold the torch in front of you (holding down the Y button) instead of above your head, letting you move at full non-sprint speed, or you can light an arrow with the blue flame from the first lantern, move past the first water spout, and shoot the second lantern. Lighting this lantern will activate the elevator to across the lava. It is worth noting that Link can also use Stasis on the waterspouts, deactivating them for a brief period of time.

After having lit this lantern, pull out your bow. Light an arrow with the blue flame, and shoot the flaming arrow to light the lantern on the elevator now active (to Link's left). This will raise the missing section of stairs found past the gate, so that Link can then cross the gap.

Return to the first lantern Link lit and climb the stairs to reach a switch. Be prepared however, since stepping on that switch will open a path for a large magnetic, spiked ball to roll into Link. After having stepped on the switch, use Magnesis to quickly throw the ball into the lava. Also possible is to continue using Magnesis, and use the spiked ball to smash the four Guardian Scout Is just up ahead.

After taking out the four Guardian Scout Is, open the two chests (a Great Flameblade & a Giant Ancient Core). Be careful not to use the torch against the Guardians, if you took it, so as not to break it. Return to the elevator, light your torch, then light the lantern next to the gate, opening it.

At this point, light the frontmost lantern, and then light the other two at the same time. Light your arrow, then align yourself so one shot will light both lanterns. Alternatively, use Stasis on one of the waterspouts, light the lantern below that one first, and light the second before Stasis expires and the flame is extinguished. Relight the weapon, and continue onward.

Now, Link must light the lantern just ahead, set ablaze one arrow, and fire it to light the two moving torches at the same time, which can be made easier by using Stasis on one of the two platforms. After doing so, the moving platforms will stop and updrafts will appear.

Before Link crosses, consider how he will light the lanterns on the far side. Either shoot them before you cross, or land on the platform with the second lantern, and light them from there. Either way, reach the next platform with the next two lanterns lit (one on the platform, one on the metal block).

Next, use Stasis on the waterspout to stop it, then use Magnesis on the lantern's platform to move it to the end. Head up the stairs to the end of the ledge where the updraft is located. There are two Treasure Chests here. One of them is to the left and can be easily seen - it contains a Rupee. Turn around, and use the updraft again to glide to the platform to the right. Retrieve the other chest with Magnesis, and receive a Forest Dweller's Spear.

Now, burn the leaves up ahead and down the ramp in the distance to assist Link in taking out the three Guardian Scout IIs. Use a melee attack to finish them off. Then, light your weapon once again, and head to the final area.

Light the lantern, and open the final chest, containing 10 Ice Arrows. Relight your weapon, charge, and perform a spin attack to light the remaining torches all at once, opening the gate. Head to the altar to receive a well-deserved Spirit Orb.