Shada Naw Shrine

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Shada Naw Shrine



Northwest of Selmie's Spot in the Hebra Mountains








Shada Naw Shrine, also known as Red Giveaway, is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


The shrine is located just north of Selmie's Spot, which itself is located just northwest of the Hebra Peak under a rocky outcrop.

Red Giveaway

Before doing anything else in the shrine, look around and you'll find a treasure chest in a small cubby hole. Use Magnesis to retrieve it and then open it to get a Great Frostblade.

There is an Ancient Orb in the room and the goal is to get it in the hole at the center of the shrine. The trick is to do this, while standing on the platform near the entrance of the shrine, as it will then raise, allowing Link to reach the higher floor. There are multiple ways to do this.

Easiest way: Place the metal cube at the bottom of the ramp directly facing the hole and place the orb on the ramp, impeding it from dropping down. Climb on top of the elevating platform and remove the cube using Magnesis, making the orb drop and activating the platform. If the orb doesn't have enough momentum from dropping down the ramp, you can use the metal cube to push it into the hole.

Easy Way: If you have a lot of stamina, you can grab the orb and throw it up to the platform where the ball needs to end up. Drop the orb and then quickly use Stasis on it to freeze. Then run over to the entrance of the shrine and step onto the platform.

Hard Way: If you stand near the entrance, there are a series of wind geysers on the walls that can blow the orb around the room. There are a few obstacles in the way preventing the orb from reaching the hole. At the end of the pathway, the wind will blow the orb completely off the ramp. Use Magnesis to find there is a hidden wall that can be pulled out. Then, use Magnesis to grab the metal cube and set it on top of the wall that was just pulled out. This creates a barrier, preventing the orb from falling off the ramp.

Lucky way: If you pick up the metal cube blocking the fan with magnesis you can drop it on the ground below the platform that will rise (so that when Link steps off he walks directly onto it), pick up the orb walk up the ramp, step onto the cube and throw the orb in, use stasis on it and the walk back up the ramp onto the platform. If the orb does not end up in the hole, use Magnesis on the metal cube and push the orb into the hole using the metal cube whilst standing on the platform.

Next, grab the orb and head up to the entrance of the shrine. There is a moving platform in the room, so you'll have to time when you drop the orb. The perfect timing to release the orb down the first ramp is when the moving platform is moving towards the wall and is a little more than halfway. If timed properly, the orb will move around the room and cross the moving platform while it is against the wall. If you find that the timing is difficult to achieve, Stasis can be used on the wind geyser that is directly upstream of the moving platform, so that the orb stops in front of the moving platform. Release the wind geyser from Stasis when the moving platform is moving towards the wall. You may find the timing with the Stasis method to be easier than the timing for releasing the orb at the top of the ramp. The orb will fall into the hole, sending the platform up to the second floor.

Run over and speak with Shada Naw at the altar to get the Spirit Orb.