Lake Totori

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Lake Totori is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Lake Totori is a body of water that completely surrounds Rito Village. It is a fairly large lake with very steep cliffs on all sides. If a Hylian were to fall into the Lake, it would mean near certain death as there is nowhere to climb up.[1] There are some air geysers throughout the area that Link can ride with the Paraglider to reach higher elevations.

There are numerous large islands found sticking out of the lake. The massive island to the northwest has a hole at the top that Link can drop in. Here he will find two statues with offering plates which, if both given an Apple, will reveal a Korok. There are a bunch of Luminous Stone Deposits in this area as well. The island to the west has a seed platform that creates a ring at the island to the south. Use the Paraglider to reach it in time to get another Korok Seed.

In the water below, there are some rare Chillfin Trout and Hearty Salmon, although they are not that abundant.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb to the top of the stone pillar northwest of here to find the seed platform. Glide to the ring before the time runs out.

The seed platform is on the rock pillar to the northwest. Race to the ring.

Climb up into the hollow top of the stone pillar and place an apple in the empty basket by the statue.

Fill the offering bowl with an apple.

Under the rock.

Pick up the rock.

Tears of the Kingdom

Lake Totori is a body of water that completely surrounds Rito Village. There are several tall island pillars that stick out of Lake Totori.

Korok Seeds

  • On the tallest island, west of Rito Village, there are two small statues. The roof over their head is broken. Use Ultrahand to place the roof in its proper location to get a Korok Seed.
  • There is a tiny pillar in the water, found southwest of Rito Village. Glide over and lift the rock here to get a Korok Seed.
  • At the west side of Lake Totori, on the cliffside, there is a block puzzle. Place the blocks in the proper slot to get the Korok Seed.

Bugs and Materials


  1. This is Lake Totori. As you can see, it's surrounded by steep cliffs with no way up, do don't go falling in. A Hylian like yourself should treasure especially carefully. Falling in would mean certain death. Unless you could magically travel to safety, of course, but that's be real. - Gesane