Lake Totori South

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Lake Totori South

Lake Totori South is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

As its name suggests, the area is found just south of Lake Totori and Rito Village, at the north end of the Cuho Mountain range. The main road passes right through area, extending from the Rito Stable to the east, traveling around Lake Totori, towards Warbler's Nest to the west.

At the west side of the area, a Black Hinox can be found sleeping near some ruins. The hinox here holds a Royal Bow, Royal Halberd, and a Royal Broadsword.

Just east of the pedestal and where Bareeda Naag Shrine will appear, there is an enemy camp with some Blue Bokoblin and Black Bokoblin. The enemy base is off the ground so Link will need to use Revali's Gale to reach it, or he can Paraglide from the higher elevation to the south. The base has a bunch of explosives, but if they are shot, they will burn the wooden treasure chest found here which contains some Shock Arrows. A Cooking Pot can be found right next to the camp.

Nearby Shrines