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Selmie's Spot


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Selmie's Spot is an area in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Selmie's Spot is a small cabin located just northwest of the Hebra Peak. Inside Link will meet up with Selmie, who will teach Link all about Shield Surfing. Selmie has a collection of shields on the walls of the cabin; Hunter's Shield, Wooden Shield, Soldier's Shield, Knight's Shield, Royal Shield, Kite Shield, Fisherman's Shield, Traveler's Shield and Emblazoned Shield. They cannot be taken but can be photographed with the Camera to add to the Hyrule Compendium. Selmie will get mad at Link and stop him if he tries to use Magnesis to grab the metal shields from the wall.

Just outside of the house, there are some crates and barrels that have some Arrows, Apples, Wildberries, and Chickaloo Tree Nuts. There is also some Wood, a Woodcutter's Axe, and a Torch on the side of the cabin. If Link climbs on top of the building, he can examine the sparkling leaves to get a Korok Seed.

Selmie's Shield-Surfing

Main article: Selmie's Shield-Surfing

After speaking with Selmie inside of the cabin, Link can take part in Selmie's Shield-Surfing. There is a beginner course and an advanced course. The beginner course will send Link down the Hebra Tundra to the west and he must complete the course within 60-seconds to open up the advanced course. In the advanced course, Link will need to race all the way down to the Sturnida Basin, near the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring. If Link is quick enough, he can earn quality shields as rewards, including a Knight's Shield and Royal Shield.

Shada Naw Shrine

Main article: Shada Naw Shrine

Just to the northwest of the cabin, Link will find the Shada Naw Shrine. Titled, Red Giveaway, the shrine requires Link to use Magnesis to find a special block in the wall that he can pull out. He can then set a metal block on top of that spot. Then Link can stand near the entrance of the shrine, drop the Ancient Orb down the ramp, and watch it roll around the room until it falls in place. Link will meet up with Shada Naw at the altar to get the Spirit Orb.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb to the top of the cabin and examine the swirling leaves. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended

Climb to the chimney, examine the fairy lights.

Complete the rock pattern using a nearby rock.

Complete the rock pattern.

Tears of the Kingdom

Selmie's Spot is a small cabin found just to the northwest of Hebra Peak. The area is very cold, requiring Link to have multiple levels of Cold Resistance in order to survive. Early in the quest, the Blizzard that is effecting Rito Village causes the area to be under perpetual snowfall until the Wind Temple is cleared.

Korok Seed