Hebra West Summit

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The Hebra West Summit is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Hebra West Summit is found at the far west end of the Hebra Mountains. It is a very expansive area, extending all the north to the Hebra North Summit ,and south to the south end of Lake Kilsie. As with much of the Hebra area, the temperatures are bitterly cold and Link will need to wear armor with Cold Resistance in order to survive.

At the north end of the mountain range, north of the peak, there is a skull enemy camp that has some Keese, a Black Moblin, and two Black Lizalfos. After defeating them, Link can open the treasure chest to get a Falcon Bow.

At the southwest end of the summit, there is a flat open area with some trees. Link will find a Black Hinox here and when defeated, he will drop a Royal Bow, Royal Claymore, and a Royal Broadsword. Just south of where the Hinox is, on the significantly lower elevation, just outside the reach of the mountain range, a Blue-Maned Lynel can be found roaming around.

There are several tall peaks along the mountain, and several of the them have Korok Seeds atop of them. At the far south end of the range, there is a Korok hiding under a rock at the peak of the mountain. The peak near the center of the mountain range is more of a plateau, and there are sparkly feathers moving around. Catch the feathers to find the Korok. Lastly, at the peak at the north end of the summit, there is another Korok hiding beneath a rock.

Throughout the mountain range, there are a handful of treasure chests that Link can find.

  • Bomb Arrows ×5 - In a wooden chest by the flagpole at the far southwest corner of the mountain range.
  • Ruby - At the local peak, directly west of the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.
  • Bomb Arrows ×5 - Buried in the snow, on the higher platform, northwest of the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.
  • Knight's Bow - Well south of the northern most peak of the mountain range. There are some boulders along the side that can be blown up.
  • Sapphire - Northeast of the northern peak, there is an ice block with a treasure chest inside it.
  • Falcon Bow - Reward at the enemy camp to the north of the northern peak.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Under the rock.

Pick up the rock.

Under a rock on the top of the peak.

Pick up the rock.

Catch the fairy lights.

Run up to the glittering leaves and examine them.