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The Hebra Plunge is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Hebra Plunge is a rather cold body of water, found just northeast of Rito Village. Water flows from the Hebra Headspring, down the Hebra Falls, spilling out into the Hebra Plunge. The water and area around the water have a massive temperature disparity. Just northeast of the plunge, closer to the Hebra Falls, temperatures drop all the way to -50 degrees Fahrenheit yet temperatures south of the plunge and just west of Tama Pond are nearly 50 degrees in the positives. There is a 100 degree temperature change in a distance where Link can shoot an Arrow.

The water temperature is not as drastic, but still relevant. At the east end of the plunge, the water is brutally cold and Link will rapidly lose health if he's in it. However, as the water flows towards the waterfall, it warms up to the point that Link can swim in it without worrying about freezing. However, the water is still too cold to support and fish life.

At the east side of the plunge, there is a small island with a tall, dead tree. Link can climb up to the top to find a Korok. A second Korok Seed is found in the main part of the plunge, just west of the large waterfall. There are a circle of lilies and if Link jumps in, he can get the Korok.

At the southeast of the plunge, there is an enemy camp with a Black Moblin, some Black Lizalfos, and a Blue Lizalfos. After all the enemies are defeated, Link can open a treasure chest to get a Sapphire gem. Just to the northeast of the plunge, there is an enemy skull base, although the front of the entrance is blocked off. Link can sneak in through one of the eyes to find a number of Frost Pebblits. Then he can use Magnesis to pull up a chest that contains a Forest Dweller's Bow.

Just near the large waterfall, there is an ice block on the land to the north. Link can melt it to find a treasure chest that contains a Kite Shield. Behind the waterfall way up up top, there is a ledge that Link can stand on and he can blowup some boulders. A treasure chest can be found here that contains a Silver Rupee.

In the section of the plunge west of the waterfall, the center of the area has a pillar sticking out of the water. Open the treasure chest on the pillar to get a Ruby gem. The area at the far north end of this part of the plunge has a Raft as well as an enemy base with some Black Bokoblin and some Black Lizalfos. The camp has a wooden treasure chest that contains five Shock Arrows.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Under a rock behind the shrine.

Pick up the rock behind the shrine.

Dive/jump/fall into the circle of water lilies.

Dive jump or fall into the circle.

Examine the glittering leaves at the top of the dead tree.

Climb the tree, examine the fairy lights.

Tears of the Kingdom

Hebra Plunge is a body of water that can be found just northeast of Rito Village. The water temperature is Unbearable Cold and Link will take rapid damage if he is submerged in the water.

At the north end of the plunge at the lower elevation, there is a Sail that Link can place on the nearby wood in the water to create a Raft.

Just south of the Hebra Plunge, there is a giant stone pillar with a treasure chest on top. The best way to reach the area is to use Recall on some of the fallen Zonai Ruins and glide over. The chest here contains a Kite Shield.

Korok Seeds

  • At the higher elevation at the east end of the plunge, there is a small island with a tall tree. Surrounding the tree is a circle of rocks with one that missing. Place the rock in the proper space to get the Korok Seed.
  • At the lower part of the plunge, Link can travel to the far north end where he finds a block puzzle. Place the missing pieces in their proper spot to get the Korok Seed.
  • In the center of the lake, at the lowever elevation, there is a pillar sticking out of the water. Glide down from one of the higher areas and lift the rock to get a Korok Seed.



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